Would You Like Your Blog Linked?

From time to time I like to remind people that I’m always on the lookout for blogs to add to my blogroll. I simply ask that you link back to me here. Also, if you know of any great blogs that aren’t yours and I don’t have linked up yet then I’d love to hear about them.

So, if you’d like to be added to the blogroll then just drop me a comment below with your blog’s URL and I’ll toss you in.

  • Just realized I hadn’t added you to my blog roll! Remedied that :).

    • Much appreciated :)

  • Nafnaf

    Hi. I would love to be added to your blog roll. Linky is objectivesecured.blogspot.co.uk. Will add you to ours too :)

    • You’ve been added :)

  • This sounds like fun. It’s http://skared.podbean.com I’ll add you when I get home!

    • I added you and thanks.

  • charlesthoss

    Please add my blog wargamer31married2puppies.wordpress.com to your blogroll.

    • Do you have a blogroll on your blog where you can add me? I’m not seeing one unless I’m missing it.

      • charlesthoss

        Haven’t found one on wordpress. Or do I have to import one?

        • I use WordPress but it’s a self-install and not hosted like you have, so I can’t say for sure how it works on the hosted environment. Normally you get a plugin for a blogroll, like I use one called WP Social Blogroll and that gives me a widget to put in my site’s sidebar.

          Alternatively, does WP have a Links section? Some people just use that and add links to sites and then add the Link widget to their sidebar. Whether or not you have a sidebar depends on the theme you’re using.

          • charlesthoss

            Got it. I think I added you. Am doing it on a tablet so I only see the mobile version right now.

            • charlesthoss

              Yup, you are now on my shiny new blogroll. So please blogroll me back ;-)

              • Awesome. You’re on there now :)

  • cadianshock

    Hello, can I have in please! http://cadianshock.com/ You have inspired me to do the same and set up my own Blog Roll, you’ll be the first to be added.

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