Writer’s Block

Lately my mind is a cold dark place when it comes to ideas for articles. I’m struggling to put out anything at all lately. I need a shot of inspiration but I’m not finding it from my usual haunts or methods.

Anyone have any suggestions? Are there any cool sites/blogs you visit that may not be mainstream and offer up interesting articles and unique views on things? Any general tips on overcoming the dreaded writer’s block in general?

  • I’d like to see some pictures of the Chaos Marines you’re working on.  Maybe even some shots of Fate’s Angels you haven’t posted yet.

    • For some reason I’m lazy when it comes to getting pictures done. I know it isn’t but I always feel like it’s a lot of work. Plus, I can’t help but be self-conscious about my painting. I really should get some shots done though.

      • I have similar problems.  The time it takes me to take, load, crop, and post the photos feels like time I could spend painting more.  And I also have trouble imagining that people get very excited by looking at my models. 

        Still, this is a blog originally started to showcase your painting.  Your models are better looking than a lot of the stuff I see posted, and I’m very curious to see how your Chaos stuff is coming.

  • Loquacious

    I’m struggling a bit too, and most of my energy is going to projects that aren’t even “mine”… I am trying to work it out. If I find a solution, I’ll share!

    • I’ll do likewise.

  • I have a few ideas for posts (most of which being recurring post ideas) that I can toss you if you want.  Lord knows I’ll never do them all anyway…

    • I’ll gladly listen to any ideas or suggestions.

  • Dave Garbe

    Porky’s blog always has interesting articles up.  A buddy of mine has a couple interesting blogs coming together over at:

    I like to create draft posts as I think of them, so that if I’m not sure what to write, I can just look at what drafts I have sitting around… I also like to write up my index pages with future content, just greyed out.. again, it acts as a list of stuff to work on.

    You could look around and see what people aren’t talking about?

    My problem atm, is keeping in the hobbying swing… might need to shift gears from the Trolls briefly, throw up a couple articles, then get back to them.

    • I generally do the same with drafts but lately even getting a draft going has been a chore.

      I do need to visit Porky’s blog more. Lately finding the time to visit any blog has been hard to come by. I’ll be sure to check our your friend’s stuff too, thanks.

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