Year in Review on the Gaming Front

Year in Review 2011I thought it would be interesting, to me if nobody else, to make use of all the match data that I keep. I’ve played for just over five years now and have recorded every game. So, let’s see how I’ve progressed, or digressed as the case may be, over those years.

In 2006 I started playing but only played one game. Orks were the only army I had and was building up. I actually played two, the first one being my introduction game as a team game with Kamui against a friend. For the sake of records though I don’t count that one just as I don’t count any teaching games I do for newer players. So one game that was against Kamui that resulted in a loss, no big surprise there. That of course puts my 2006 down as a 0% win record with 100% losses.

Come 2007 I got in more games but at this point I was just gaming with my friends who drew me into the scene. I had just started a Necron army this year and games were few and far between, a total of 11 of them. By the end of the year I had a record of 1/8/2 or 9%/73%/18% (win/loss/draw). Nobody was going to let me win for the sake of my morale and I was learning through defeat.

In 2008 it was still the same scene and still only a handful of games. This was also the year that 5th edition hit and the current Space Marine codex so I began a Space Marine army. I managed a total of 14 games with an overall record of 3/7/4 or 21%/50%/29%. Not great by any means but a definite improvement from the previous year. At least I was able to get wins and draws to account for 50% of the results, a win in my book at the time.

The later half of 2009 is when I began going to my FLGS and in turn got in a lot more games, more than double the year prior. As a result I now had a much larger player pool for matches and saw so much that I had never encountered previously. The end result was a record of 10//13/8 or 32%/42%/26%. Again, another year bettering the last with losses accounting for less than half of my games but still more than my wins.

2010 Was a big change for me. I had now spent an entire year gaming at my FLGS weekly and I had also begun attending the monthly tournaments held there. The net result was a ton of games, more than all years combined. This was also the year that my Space Marines became my preferred army over my Orks. At the end of the year the result was 48/46/9 or 47%/46%/9%. A huge change from the last year. Barely but my win ratio was higher than my loss ratio for once.

Since 2010 I began going to tournaments so I’ll break out those results from the overall. Those were 17/12/2 or 55%/39%/2%. The tournaments were pretty evenly played between my Orks and Marines with my Necrons were used in one team tournament. The record itself I feel is pretty impressive considering it was my first exposure to competitive play.

I had also won a few awards at those outings. I got best sportsmanship twice, my first two tournaments, best painted army three times and best overall once. The best overall, hate to say it, wasn’t that impressive though. It was the shop’s anniversary event in which four of us showed to play in the 40K tournament.

Now for this year, 2011. My Marines were played almost exclusively. March was basically the last month I played my Orks and I had not played them a lot prior. I had also begun my Chaos Marines though there’s not a lot of matches with them compared to my Marines. My Necrons did see a few games, though only a few.

Overall for 2011 my record was 49/44/9 or 48%/43%/9%. Almost identical to the prior year. As far as tournaments go my results were 18/22/5 or 43%/52%/5%, so I went down compared to 2010. I did get a handful of awards though from the tournaments. I won best painted 25mm model in an out-of-town event, best painted 60mm model at my FLGS, best painted individual model at my FLGS as well as three painting awards at my FLGS’s first big annual 40K event for 25mm, 40mm and 60mm. I had also managed a 2nd and 3rd place finish as well as a 2nd overall placing at the tournaments. So despite my tournament record itself I did have better finishes than in 2010.

It’s nice to see that over the years I’ve improved. It’s to be expected but still good to see. I’m a bit disappointed that my improvement this year over the prior was marginal. Though 2011 saw my FLGS grow a lot on the 40K scene and get a fair amount of good players to increase the competition level. Of course everyone else there that I’ve played over the years is also getting better so in that sense it would stand to reason that a big jump in my performance isn’t really expected.

This coming year will be interesting for sure. I’m mostly playing Chaos at this point and if rumors are to be believed we’ll see 6th edition hit the scene and possibly a new Chaos codex. How that impacts me is up in the air but there will certainly be an impact.


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