Your Expectations of a 40K Game

ExpectationsThis is a bit of a spin off from a topic on a forum I frequent in which someone was asking about reputation ruining. He was asking what is it that ruins the reputation of a player in your eyes, IE: cheesy lists, power gaming, etc. This got me thinking about the other side of that question, your expectations of a game. If someone bringing a tournament list to a friendly game ruins your experience and perception of that player then it’s because it went against your gaming expectations.

I’m pretty easy I feel. My expectations of a game are to come out of it having learned something. I don’t mind facing off against a tournament list or a cheesy list because I’m more than likely going to walk way from the table with some new insight. Sure, a Nob Biker list may not be the most exciting list to face but if you can take it down then there’s pride to be had and you’ve inevitably learned some valuable lessons. So, first for me is learning and growing as a gamer.

Second to that would be fun, or maybe it’s more of a tie-in with the above. Learning new things and improving my gaming for me is fun. Playing against a weaker opponent and tabling them (rare indeed!), is not fun for me because I’m probably not learning anything from it. I may learn something from it, could be what enabled me to table my opponent, which would fulfill an expectation of mine but I would take no pleasure in it… unless it were a tournament game and I needed the points.

It’s that simple for me. I imagine my expectations aren’t that different from many as I’d say few people want to play games where they aren’t continually learning. What are your expectations? Are you an easy to please player or do you have a very definitive criteria of expectations from a 40K game? Did I use the word expectations enough?

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Your Expectations of a 40K Game
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