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September 2010



Hello all, Here’s another of my recently completed models, a battlewagon to carry my nobz mob.  I’ll post some pics of them when they’re painted.

Bad Moon Nob - 4

Bad Moon Nob

Hello all.  I’m still getting the hang of this newfangled blog-a-majingy so you will all have to bear with me as I sort things out.  I don’t have quite as much to say as Thor, so I’ll be starting with some pictures.  Here’s a Bad Moon nob I recently painted,…Read More

Command Center

Command Center: Web Based Army List Tool

A few weeks ago I posted regarding finding some beta testers for an army list tool I built. The response was dismal though props to Papa JJ though for emailing me. So, what I plan to do is in the next few weeks, hopefully, open it up to the public….Read More

Attack and Defend

Mission: Attack and Defend v1.11

Based on some play testing I’ve changed around the scoring method. The reason for the change is discussed over here. I also tweaked some verbage. Here’s the most current version, 1.11.