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About Creative Twilight

On June 30th, 2009 I (Thor) launched Creative Twilight.

I began the site as as place to generate interest, and ultimately sales, for my miniature commission painting.

Then, on January 29th, 2010, I began blogging about Warhammer 40K, a game some friends got me into.

The site became a blog for all things Warhammer 40K. Over time I began adding tutorials, guides, and showing the painting work I was doing as well.

I had also stopped doing commission work. It was fun, but I never found time for my own projects while doing it.

As Creative Twilight slowly grew, I had taken on a handful of authors to help me here, many of which were real life friends.

As time has gone on, much has changed, but a lot has stayed the same.

The focus here at Creative Twilight is less about gaming and more about this wonderful miniature hobby.

Over the years I have created a lot of miniature painting tutorials to help painters of all skill levels. I have been improving as a painter and trying to share how I’ve done that with the great readers here.

You will also find I’m the only author left. While you will still find the great articles my friends contributed, I am the only one creating new content.

As such, things move slower here. However, I like to think that what I am delivering is quality content. The old adage of quality over quanity!

Intro Video

I made this for our YouTube channel, but it seems appropriate to share it here.


Thor’s Other Websites

I, Thor, work for a web hosting company in Maine, U.S. as a PHP programmer. As a result, I do other websites as well for fun. Here’s a list of some of my other sites you may find of interest.

ecoLifestyle – This is a website I did for my wife who is a Makeup Eraser Distributor. I’d be remiss if I didn’t provide her with some linkage ;)

Miniature Hobby Tutorials – A directory site of hobby tutorials submitted by the readers.

Miniature Storage – A new site I started dedicated to storage solutions for miniatures.