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October 2010


Weekend Wrap-up: Boo!

Been a pretty busy week at work this week and haven’t had much time to write articles. I know, you’re all sad, me too. This past Wednesday I got in a game against Ming for some Ork on Marine hot and heavy action. He had told me he wanted to…Read More


October Tournament Report

Yesterday at the LGS we played an 1,850 tournament. A few months ago I began advocating we remove army composition and this month was our first without it. At the end of the day we were asked what we thought and nobody noticed a difference, that army composition wasn’t in…Read More

Command Center

Command Center: Update

A minor update to Command Center for the testers. Aside from some aesthetics, you’ll notice that unit cost is now broken down into two fields. The first cost field is after the unit name, that one is for the base unit cost. The second cost field is after wargear for…Read More