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September 2011


Rok Da Vote: 40K Blogosphere

This is a prelude to an article I’m working on and I’m really curious what others think. The question is simple and you can vote below or to the top right.

Behind the Scenes

Weekly Wrap-up: Behind the Scenes

Another series of mine I have not done for a while. Some great guys down in Massachusetts are holding a tournament this coming Saturday. Last I knew they still had some spots left. Read up on it if you’re interested. Lately I’ve been lacking ideas and looking for new topics…Read More

Chaos Marine

Battle Report: The Favored Ones

Another week, another report. Last night I played a Chaos player who is working on creating his Alpha Legion. I had brought my Chaos, Disciples of Twilight, and we played an 1,850 game. We rolled up capture and control with pitched battle and I won first turn. Oh, here’s the…Read More

Writers Block

Writer’s Block

Lately my mind is a cold dark place when it comes to ideas for articles. I’m struggling to put out anything at all lately. I need a shot of inspiration but I’m not finding it from my usual haunts or methods. Anyone have any suggestions? Are there any cool sites/blogs…Read More