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September 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Behind the Scenes

Another series of mine I have not done for a while. Some great guys down in Massachusetts are holding a tournament this coming Saturday. Last I knew they still had some spots left. Read up on it if you’re interested. Lately I’ve been lacking ideas and looking for new topics…Read More

Battle Report: The Favored Ones

Another week, another report. Last night I played a Chaos player who is working on creating his Alpha Legion. I had brought my Chaos, Disciples of Twilight, and we played an 1,850 game. We rolled up capture and control with pitched battle and I won first turn. Oh, here’s the…Read More

Writer’s Block

Lately my mind is a cold dark place when it comes to ideas for articles. I’m struggling to put out anything at all lately. I need a shot of inspiration but I’m not finding it from my usual haunts or methods. Anyone have any suggestions? Are there any cool sites/blogs…Read More