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March 2012

Bloggers: Mystery Project WIP

This is aimed at those who are bloggers. If you aren’t a blogger than you likely won’t find this interesting but feel free to read on anyway ;) Now, in the past I’ve done a few series on blogging tips and overall they’ve fallen short on reaching an audience. I’m…Read More

Battle Report: Orks vs Blood Angels

In preparation for next month’s tournament we all got in some practice at my FLGS. I’ve decided to run my Orks for the event just to change it up from my routine. The list I was testing is here: Now, the tournament has a comp system which isn’t easy…Read More

Thor’s Workbench: Obliterators on Hold, Enter Orks

One thing I’ve learned with painting is when the going gets rough take a break. I’ve been busting my butt trying to get my Obliterators done the last few weeks and they’d be done except for something that’s been nagging me. I put up some shots of me attempting OSL…Read More

Kamui’s Workbench: A tale of two speeders

Hello all, Last week I posted pics of two land speeders that I’d just purchased on eBay. You may remember that they were in less than ideal condition.  Being a bit of a bargain hunter I found it difficult to resist the price and decided to take the challenge.  I…Read More

What I Like About Army Composition

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll happily attend a tournament with or without army composition. Whether or not an event has army composition does not affect my choice to attend it. If the tournament looks like fun then I’ll choose to attend and then deal with the details instead of letting the…Read More