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July 2012

Spectre Studio

Spectre Studio: Season 2 – 1st Video Battle Report

So after a very long hiatus from my 3rd baby boy to my family and the recent change to our beloved 40k rules system, Spectre Studio was finally able to get a Battle Report filmed. I was excited to not only get back in the saddle for my studio but…Read More

friends for life

Reavers Allies – Imperial Guard

Hello all, In my last few posts I’ve been pondering the possibilities of allies for the Reavers, my counts-as Space Wolves army.  So far I’ve considered Space Marines and Eldar.  Now Ill look at the possibilities presented by Imperial Guard.  This is an army with a lot to offer as…Read More

Attack and Defend

Mission: Attack and Defend v3.1.0

Updated for 6th edition. Added in page references, wording clean-up, etc. A clean version for printing and downloading can be found here.

Public Service Announcement: Community

PSA: Get Out There and Play!

So, this week another local gaming shop had to close its doors in my area. It seems for every new one that pops up another one goes away. It’s a blow to the wargaming community in the area and it got me thinking about the first time I went into…Read More

The Long Haul

Mission: The Long Haul v2.1.0

Another of my missions being updated for 6th edition. Like the last mission update, mostly housekeeping. You can snag a clean version for printing and downloading over here.