Since I (Thor), can remember I’ve always done creative and artistic things. I began drawing seriously around the age of 10 and got into woodworking at about age 12. I’ve done a lot of creative writing over the years, short stories, a complete novel, poems, songs, just about anything really.

Since 2006 Warhammer 40k has become my primary hobby (a table top warfare game). With the hobby I learned sculpting and miniature painting, as well as resurrecting my creative writing. The hobby has engulfed me completely, from working on my armies to writing fluff and trying to continually become a better player.

On June 30th, 2009 I launched Creative Twilight. I began the site as as place to generate interest, and ultimately sales, for commission painting. I took on a handful of commission jobs and then on January 29th, 2010 I began blogging about 40K. Eventually I stopped doing commission work and Creative Twilight became a 40K blog wholly.

Since then I’ve taken on a handful of great authors. Many of them as players at my FLGS, Crossroad Games. The blog is also slowly expanding the articles being written and it’s no longer strictly 40K, though it is by far the most written about system here.


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