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Blood Angels

Blood Angels are a Space Marines chapter for Warhammer 40K.

Tournament Rundown: Devastation

This past Saturday was a 1,500 40K tournament at my FLGS. It was a food drive and so you brought in canned goods and non-perishables to get in-game abilities like re-rolls, +1 strength, etc. I played Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Marines, using this list: Last week I explained…Read More

Battle Report: Team Practice for July

Our FLGS is holding a team tournament in July and on Wednesday myself and Kamui got in a practice game against Spectre Senence and Spectre Foreman. The tournament is over a month out but Kamui doesn’t manage to get to the shop very often at all, so we’ll practice as…Read More

Battle Report: Team Tournament Practice

Next month a bunch of us from my FLGS will be traveling to Massachusetts for a team tournament hosted by the Dorkamorka club. It’s a 2K team tournament, so 1K per-player. Each player has the normal compulsory choices and then, basically, share the rest of the force org. I’m partnering…Read More

Battle Report: Spectre Studio “New” Character

This is a Spectre Studio’s different style video Battle Report by Spectre Senence. What’s the change? Well I have played this hobby awhile and I enjoy playing with a fun personality into my armies. This stems from decades as a Dungeon Master. So I decided I want to improve the…Read More

Battle Report: Orks vs Blood Angels

In preparation for next month’s tournament we all got in some practice at my FLGS. I’ve decided to run my Orks for the event just to change it up from my routine. The list I was testing is here: Now, the tournament has a comp system which isn’t easy…Read More