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Our advice regarding strategy and tactics for use in your games.

Chaos Space Marines: Chaos Spawn Review

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Chaos Space Marines: Unit Review

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Chaos Space Marines: Unit ReviewI’m not a competitive gamer but every now and then someone will ask me what I think about Unit X or Y for Chaos Space Marines. Chaos Space Marines are not the most competitive codex and…Read More

Eldar Jetbikes: a Tactica

(image obtained from this site) Consider me a missionary from a far away craftworld, determined to bring Eldar to the heathens of non-Eldar players. Eldar were my first 40K army way back in the 80s, and so I still felt an affinity for them when I started getting back into it…Read More

IG for Fratris Salutem: The Rebel Grots Go It Alone

Hello all, My first Rebel Grot Veteran Squad is just a couple of ink washes away from being complete.  I might have them done in time for a mid week update.  Instead of posting pictures that will look almost identical to the finished ones I figured I would use today…Read More

6th Edition

Lukas here, that cheesy Necron guy. I’ve finally gotten back to writing. Obviously with the release of 6th it becomes a little difficult to talk “strategy” when it comes to Necrons. And that is one of the few things I dislike about this edition of rules. However, in my opinion…Read More

Warmaster – Dwarven Foot Cavalry

Warmaster is arguably one of the best games Gamesworkshop has ever made.  In scale, it is to Warhammer what Warhammer is to Mordhiem in scale.  Just like with real life conflicts, when you start getting to the larger scale, Command and Control is much more important then practically anything else…Read More

Imperial Guard Allies for the Orks

Hello all, As I have been re-acquainting myself with the orks and adapting them to sixth edition I’ve noticed that they (still) have some issues dealing with tanks at long range.  I’m working on some tankbustas to help with this, but even these are only really good against tanks when…Read More

The Hall Of Heroes: 2k No-Holds-Barred Warhammer 40k Tournament

Hello and Happy Howlidays everyone! For me Warhammer 40k Tournaments each are like a good book – I get deeply engrossed within each one and then BAM its all over and I have a hangover for a week. That means last week in addition to stuffing myself full of Thanksgiving…Read More