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6th Edition

Lukas here, that cheesy Necron guy. I’ve finally gotten back to writing. Obviously with the release of 6th it becomes a little difficult to talk “strategy” when it comes to Necrons. And that is one of the few things I dislike about this edition of rules. However, in my opinion…Read More

Necrons: Wraiths

Necrons and 6th Edition

Welcome to 6th, where you will find all your tanks riddled with gauss and warriors playing poker planetside until rudely beamed onto a game winning objective. Hurray for fliers! But really folks, you may remember my brief experiment with the 5th edition scarab farm (it was just a phase, I”ve…Read More

Community Pimp'n

Community Pimp’n: 1st Week of April

First week of April, which means tax day is not far off, ug. Anyway, here’s some cool stuff worth checking out. Some of it is backdated from last week. I didn’t manage to get this up then so it’s carrying over into this week. So, here’s your Community Pimp’n: Warhammer…Read More


Tactics: Breaking The Rock

Lately I have been thinking about my GK build. When GK was launched I saw an opportunity to make a quirky army filled with a variety of henchmen. I like to kit bash and collect minis from different ranges. Now I am left with the challenge of how to make…Read More