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Stuff relating to tournaments, typically battle reports from our games.

40K Tournament Report: Chaos Space Marines 6th Edition Farewell

This past Saturday was an 1,850 Warhammer 40K tournament at my FLGS. It’s the last 40K 6th edition tournament I’ll get to play in since 7th edition is arriving this week. I brought the Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Space Marines, using this list here. I’ve long given up on…Read More

Battle Review: 1,250 Tournament with Chaos Space Marines

Yesterday was a 1,250 Warhammer 40K tournament at an LGS and I brought along my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight. I have been working out the list I want to bring to Fratris Salutem, a 40K event in a few months, so I wanted to try a scaled down version…Read More

Disciples of Twilight: 1,000pt 40K Tournament List

I’m getting ready to head out to a 1,000pt 40K tournament at my LGS this morning and thought I would share the list I’m trying out. I don’t normally post my lists, though I do occasionally in my Battle Reviews, but I’m pretty excited to try this out so why…Read More

Battle Review: My First Kill Team

Last night at my LGS we played a Kill Team tournament. This was my first experience with it so I was excited to see how the new system played out. I brought a really simple list. Hell, any list is really simple I guess when you have 200pts and restrictions…Read More

Tournament Report: Disciples of Twilight @ 1,500

This past Saturday was a 1,500 40K tournament. I decided to try something different and bring along a Khorne heavy force. The list is here but bear in mind it was built for fun, not optimized competitive play. I wanted to get a Land Raider in my list to check…Read More

Thor’s Workbench: The Last Item for the Standoff

For once I won’t be painting models the night before the Standoff. It’s a routine I’m glad to finally break because I hate deadline painting, or I should say that I hate painting right up TO the deadline. It’s a big reason I went with the list I did; it…Read More