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Creative Twilight LogoOur articles are primarily focused on Warhammer 40K and the miniature hobby: modeling, sculpting, conversions and painting. We document our current projects to share with everyone. We also have a showcase for all our finished work; well, when we think of it. Oh, we have some great miniature tutorials as well with step-by-step instructions for all sorts of cool hobby stuff. Basically we use the blog as a motivator for getting stuff accomplished.

We also do editorials on Warhammer 40K and strive to avoid the negative stuff that you can find at most other blogs. That’s not to say we always agree with what Games Workshop does, just that pissing and moaning accomplishes little and we would rather find the positive in something and reinforce that.

With the hobby being such a large focus of the authors here, we also have a lot of player fiction we’ve created. The player fiction ranges from back-stories for our 40K armies to short stories to flesh out characters and the current happenings of our armies.

We also do a lot of wargaming and usually each week you can find new battle reports of our 40K games. The battle reports aren’t full length turn-by-turn affairs but more short and to the point.

Mostly, we’re just a bunch of guys who love the game of Warhammer 40K and like to share what we’re working on and what we think.

It’s not all 40K either. Slowly the blog is expanding its coverage of games to include Blood Bowl, as well as Bolt Action.

History of the Blog

On June 30th, 2009 I launched Creative Twilight. I began the site as as place to generate interest, and ultimately sales, for commission painting. I took on a handful of commission jobs and then on January 29th, 2010 I began blogging about Warhammer 40K. Eventually I stopped doing commission work and Creative Twilight became a Warhammer 40K blog wholly.

Since then I’ve taken on a handful of great authors, many of them I know personally. We’re always looking for other authors as well, so if you’re interested then let us know.


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Product Reviews & Advertising

We’re always interested in doing product reviews. If you have a product relating to tabletop wargaming (bits, models, gaming accessories, etc), or hobby related products (paint, tools, etc), then we’d love to check them out and review them. Just drop us an email.

We also do direct advertising. If you’re interested in having us run ads for your related product then we can discuss it.


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Thor’s Other Websites

I, Thor, work for a web hosting company in Maine, U.S. as a PHP programmer. As a result, I do other websites as well for fun. Here’s a list of some of my other sites you may find of interest.

Command Center – Free army list builder for Warhammer 40K. This is an online tool, a website, where you can build your rosters, save them, share them, get them reviewed and even record all of your games.

EcoFriendly Makeup Eraser – This is a website I did for my wife who is a Makeup Eraser Distributor. I’d be remiss if I didn’t provide her some linkage ;)

House of Paincakes – Though not my site, it’s a site I do articles for periodically. House of Paincakes (HoP), is a blog network – promoting other bloggers, as well as a multi-author blog. If you blog and haven’t checked them out then do so now and get yourself linked up over there.

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