Community Pimp’n: 2nd Week of July

 A short pim’n as I was away for the better part of last week and the start of this week.

Inquisitor Lord Aki: The Basement Gamers Cookbook – This is the first part in a series Aki is doing and as a former basement gamer I find myself nodding in agreement with the start of his series. I really need to start doing some more of these games myself.

Inquisitor Lord Aki: Without Theme, It’s Just Another Pick-Up Game – The second part in the series discussing themes and just having fun.

House of Paincakes: User Content Wednesday – Are You In an Abusive Relationship? – An article by Frontline Gamer who makes disturbingly accurate parallels between GW’s relationship to us, the consumer, and an abusive relationship. No matter whether you’re in love with GW or hate them, it’s a good read.


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