Deathwing – 6th Edition

Belial - Master of the Deathwing: by EupackardiaBack in January, I played in a local tournament with Deathwing, for the first time with the new codex. I thought hard about all the nice new toys – cheap Tacticals, expensive flyers, new toys for the Ravenwing.

I decided to stick with the well play tested Deathwing, and concentrate on the differences. One note while constructing a list was that a Dark Angels player has some tough decisions regarding theme, and scoring v. elites. The general rule of thumb I have is one scoring unit per 500 points. That means if you are playing Deathwing, you can basically have one non scoring unit per unit of Deathwing, including HQs.

I really wanted to try out the new librarian… so I took:

* Belial (sword of secrets) – Interestingly, the old standby of TH/SS is dead. The Sword has fleshbane (wounds on a 2+), and the stormbolter has precision on a 5+. With an Iron Halo, yes I will take the initiative 5 attacks.
* Librarian lvl 2, combimelta, melta bombs and infravisor
* DW cmd- halbard, CML, 4x TH/SS; FNP banner
* 2x (5) DW with CML
* 2x (6) DW with AC


Game One: CSM aka Wow Inner Circle Rocks against CSM

Thor had:

* Two princes, lvl 1 and flying
* 2x 10 CSM in rhinos, one with dual plasma and one with dual melta
* 2x 10 cannon fodder… I mean cultist
* 6 spawn
* helldrake
* Defiler
* mauler

Mission was a weird one where you have 5 goals; you pick 3, in order. Your mission is to achieve the goals in order of decreasing points (ie 15 for first, 10 for second 5 for third). I picked kill points, hold the center and table quarters.

Thor deployed in two separate groups on either side of the table. I opted to create a fire base on one flank, with all three CML squads. AC in DWA turn 2.

Preferred enemy: CSM is brutal. Between rerolling ones on all units and misses on one unit, the maulerfiend got immobilized fast, one prince received three wounds to stormbolter fire.

DWA came, hemming in half of Thor’s army into the kill box. Over the next two turns, I slaughtered half his army for the loss of a few terminators here and there. One unit was attritted down to one man, but pounded his way through the cultists. I got a little distracted, and overestimated the chaos forces. I should have been more daring with the DWA from the AC units and gone for the central objective.

I also got cocky against deamon prince 1; and went toe to toe in close combat. Which meant my librarian was forced to make saves and fail them badly. :(

I should have just gunned him down.

Best moment, hell drake went into hover mode, split fired AC and CML immobilized him, and I then proceeded to hammer him down in close combat. Take that flyer!

His second tactical squad and defiler did nothing all game.

Ended up just short of taking the secondary objective; final score 23-8

Game 2 Necrons, three objectives in the center of the table and his deployment zone. Short edge deployment.

He had a big unit of immortals, two units of warriors in barges, big gun thing, flyer and the multimelta walker. Two HQs with courts, with the light switch.

I hate Necrons. They are just about perfectly designed to kill Deathwing; volumes of shots to gun down small units, mobility to stay out of CC and tough as hell which means our limited heavy weapons don’t do much.

LGS is taking the position that DWA is permissible by all Deathwing units. So, with the template of AP1 death, and the light switch, I opted to deepstrike. Everything.

Belial’s no scatter meant that the librarian’s combimelta was perfectly positioned to pop the barge, and the CML was in good position to pound a transport. Other Deep strikes went fine, but one which mishapped (landing on my own troops) and rolled a one. Ouch.

Shooting proceeded to immobilize the walker, and a transport. He made the jink save on the barge, and proceeded to table me.

I still don’t know how Deathwing can take well handled Necrons. They have sufficient volume of fire to kill units of terminators, and their nightfight abilities mean you can’t play a range game. Tanks die fast, and terminators have a really tough time popping multiple AV13 tanks.

In game I thought my alpha strike blew. After sitting done and doing the math while at the dentist, I realized short of a veteran squad with 4+ meltas, Necrons tanks just were not going to be destroyed by Deathwing. So I do not what the solution is. Nuclear weapons?

Score: 5-28 Yes, I got tabled, but picked up some points. One mission objective was to write down your kill points earned before the game, and the player who got closest with out going over got the objective. Hah! Take that Necrons, by dying I deny you 5 points. Ironically, he went on to get second… missing first place by 3 points.


Final game was Deathwing v. Deathwing.

Nothing very interesting in this game. Blue on Blue comes down to who makes the least errors.

My opponent badly deployed, almost allowing me to table him in turn one and two. He was down to two marines in each turn.

His DWA was badly placed, while his coming in after me allowed him to blow one unit off the table, his placement meant I could gang up two units on one in close combat. So I picked off his units one by one, and ended up with a win. He had one objective occupied by 5 TH/SS, and I had fragments of my units on the rest. I had enough shooting that if he moved, he would get gunned down, but I did not have the close combat capacity left to dig him out (my hammerators got reduced to one over three rounds of close combat).

MVP: Librarian

Worst unit: Opponents Nephilim. He took it with the “mega” bolter. 180 points spent. I think he killed one terminator. I watched his game two, and it killed a few marines. Not Impressed. The lascannon one might be useful… if it was 120 points. Pretty model, might get used on the friendly game night. Not so much for tournaments.

The command squad with FNP is excellent, but small and brittle. Large ten man squads of terminators are great. I am really experiencing difficultly going down to 1500 getting three troops, the command squad and anything else.

New Codex is overall quite good. Ravenwing is excellent, Deathwing while expensive got some new features to compensate, and tacticals are cheap as chips. The new flyers suck. Ally in some IG or go FW.

  • I learned a lot in that game and have since done much better against Dark Angels. I have not faced Deathwing again though, that will be the true test.

    How can you hate Necrons? It’s such a well balanced army. I mean, it’s not like they have a weapon capable of taking on any single thing thrown at them or anything.

    // end sarcasm

    I don’t blame you, I hate them as well. I honestly don’t know of a single player who enjoys facing Necrons. Not a single person.

    • Epaminondas

      If I had a flame thrower I would love playing against them. A real flame thrower that is. Sorta like the nuke rules for flames of war…

  • I haven’t faced Deathwing often, which is too bad because terminators are cool and I’ve always liked the DA aesthetic. Yours was the last one I faced, before the new codex, and it was the game that finally got me motivated enough to start working on my Rebel Grots to get some lascannons into my Ork army. So thanks for that :P

    Anyway, I’m glad to see you are happy with the new codex. It seems like another solid book.

    • Epaminondas

      I think with CSM and DA, GW is turning over a new leaf in balancing codices…. it will be interesting to see what happens with Daemons in a few weeks!

  • TheRhino

    Yeah, the Nephilim is a lame duck. The game I played against it, it came in, shot at random things, and did all of nothing. The terrible S6 missiles can’t even scratch a Rhino. They’re moderately useful for taking down AV10 flyers, but other than that, total junk.
    Belial and his unerring deepstrike is scary, but in the game Iplayed, I was able to simply move away from him by sacrificing a couple cheap units. I had also planned for Deathwing (it being the first weekend the new book was legal) and packed a ton of plasma in my army. 5-man and 6-man TDA squads don’t like Assault Marines with 4 plasma pistols (2 on sergeant, 2 on Marines) backed by an Epistolary Librarian with Null Zone and Smite.

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