Rok Da Vote: Dark Angels 6th Edition Codex – Re-poll Closed

Dark AngelsMan, what a terrible turnout on voting for this. I suppose that says quite a bit on its own.

Anyway, time to tally the votes and see what people think of the Dark Angels 6th edition codex now that it’s had some time out.

First up, the first poll I ran when the codex we new and shiny:

[poll id=”28″]

And the latest poll:

[poll id=”34″]

With half the voters in this second poll it’s hard to draw anything conclusive but what can you do?

The top vote in both polls was that it’s a good solid codex. The first time it was with 62% and this time it’s with 46%, so a pretty fair change there.

Now it gets a bit interesting. The first time the second highest result was that it’s kick ass! Generally this result is higher with an early poll so no surprise there. In this re-poll though the second highest result was that it’s alright and also it being better than the previous codex but still not good, both with 20% each. By comparison, the first time the alright vote and better than the last result got 11% and 3% respectively. Not a huge shift in the alright result but pretty big change in better but not good result. Also, the kick ass moved down to 3% in the re-poll from 16% the first time.

The other results were close in both polls, nothing of note there really.

So it would seem that over time people have begun looking unfavorably on the Dark Angels codex. This re-poll only gives a positive result of 49% where before it was 78% positive. The unfavorable votes in the re-poll now take 26% of the poll where the first time it was only 6%. The middle of the road alright went from 11% to 20%, not huge but worth noting considering the other result swings.

I’m not sure why the Dark Angels codex is being so looked down upon, I don’t see it, so I’d love to hear feedback from those who voted unfavorably as to why they see it as they do.

  • Epaminondas

    Deathwing is overpriced, end up dropping an unit or two compared to the last codex, without a power bump to compensate. Tacticals are cheaper, but lack options. Ravenwing is decent, but White scars outshine them hands down. Its a well balanced codex lacking broken units. Which is a good thing, but in the world of Tau-Eldar and Necrons…. its underpowered.

    CSM and DA are what codices should be. But they suffer in comparison.

    • I think that’s the thing, now (like with Chaos), it has to stand up against the likes of Eldar and Tau. When it came out it only had to compete with Chaos.

  • sean nelson

    I think a big part of it was that the new space marine codex gives so many options, including flavor, to space marines of a lot of different chapters. In comparison, the dark angels seem bland.
    Also in comparison to all the codex’s out now, the DA have subpar AA, subpar flyers, no huge uber-model, and do not “ignore” rules like some of the other codex’s do. I think a combination of these things has led to a decrease in love for the DA dex.

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