Rok Da Vote: New Dark Angels Codex (Closed)

Dark AngelsIt’s been a month since I put the poll up and the votes are dying out so it’s time to tally the results. I like doing these polls early on in a codex’s life to get the first impressions and then months later running the same poll to see how opinions have changed. Always interesting seeing how views alter once that new car smell wears off.

[poll id=”28″]

The number one vote by a HUGE margin, with 62% of the vote, was that people felt it was a solid codex. I admit, I have not gone through the codex but from what I’ve seen across the table I have to agree that it’s indeed a solid codex. Dark Angels also needed this. The last codex was horrible in damn near every way and it’s nice to see the boys in green get some love.

The second vote, way behind the first (as they all are), are those that feel it’s a kick-ass codex. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assuming a majority of those voters are Deathwing or Ravenwing players. Of course, I could be wrong and, as noted above, after the last codex this one is just that much better, IE: kick-ass.

At 11% are those that feel the codex is alright. Maybe people were expecting some Necron over-the-top silliness?

Speaking of, 5% feel it’s a bit over the top. This was my vote but that’s also from the perspective of a Chaos player, who Dark Angels are built to destroy apparently. I take that back, not apparently, I know damn well they are. It’s one thing I hate that Games Workshop does from time to time, create a codex with the intent of being the rock to someone’s scissors. As Grey Knights are to Daemons, Dark Angels are to Chaos. It’s a design philosophy I understand from a fluff perspective but it shouldn’t make it into the rules, at least not so strongly.

These last two each had 3%, the votes for it being better than the last but still not good and the ones who think it sucks. These are the two votes I have a hard time seeing but we all have our own views.

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