Tag: World Eaters

World Eaters are a legion of Chaos Space Marines in Warhammer 40K. They also happen to be one of my (Thor) favorite legions to play.

With the release of Traitor Legions, Chaos Space Marines finally have access to play all of the legions. I play my Chaos army as undivided. So, I will often use any of the legion’s rules for my army that suits my list of choice for that game. Being that I’m a big fan of close combat, that means World Eaters are the legion whose rules I use most often.

So, what you will find here for articles are my thoughts on the World Eaters. There are some editorials on their rules, as well as a lot of different army lists. I seldom use the same list twice.

With that you can find the battle reports of my games played with the aforementioned lists. So, dig in and check it out.

World Eaters Progress

With the somewhat official packet for the Standoff being released I have finally cemented my list according to the released composition score. I really really wanted to run a sorcerer in the list but the ding on the comp for 3 HQs was just too high for me to stomach. I am not complaining, I…

Building a Better Kharn

Okay I have always been a huge fan of Kharn the Betrayer, he is probably my favorite character in the entire Warhammer 40k universe.  I got started in the glory days of third edition, I never played chaos, but my best friend did, and Kharn was usually in his list. There was very little back…