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The Reavers are Kamui’s Space Wolves army he created for Warhammer 40K.

Some More Reavers (Space Wolves) Player Fiction

    As summer is past, it’s high time I make a call on my summer challenge.  I have to admit defeat as I have not achieved my goal of a fully painted 2000 point army.  I did manage to get 1850 painted to tabletop standard in time for the Standish Standoff at XRD (my FLGS.)  I’ll post a summary of my experience there and some army pics tomorrow.  So I didn’t hit my goal, but at least it wasn’t a complete failure.  The final crunch did force me to simplify my painting a bit which is a good approach for the average troops.  A full army with a simple paint job looks a lot better than a couple of well painted models in a sea of primer.

    I’ve written up the third and final chapter of the Reavers’ origin.  For those of you who missed them, or just want a refresher, here are the first two parts:

    Reaver Origin Chapter 1; Reaver Origin Chapter 2

    And now, on to the new fluff!

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    Reavers (Space Wolves) Player Fiction (DIY Chapter)

      I know I’ve been absent for some time, but I have been making slow progress on painting and haven’t really felt like I had much to post.  I am four marines away from competing my core of Grey Hunters and will post a group shot when I get there.  I’ve also started on a squad of Long Fangs to break things up, pics of them will be posted when they’re finished.  For now I’ve written the second half of the origin story for the Reavers.  If you don’t remember it or haven’t read it the first half is here:

      Now on to part two:Read More »Reavers (Space Wolves) Player Fiction (DIY Chapter)

      Reavers (Space Wolves) Grey Hunters Squad Painted

        Ok, so the summer is slipping away and I’m far from finished with my army.  The Bjorn conversion took a lot more time than I’d expected.  The good news is that I’ve finished the modelling I need to field my list, and the paint scheme I’ve chosen lends itself well to batch painting.  I have one full squad of Grey Hunters finished and a bunch more underway.

        Below are some pictures of the first squad finished, 10 Grey Hunters with 2 Plasma Guns, one Mark of the Wulfen, and one Wolf Standard:

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        Origin (Part 1)

          I’ve had fluff for my Space Wolf army, Reavers, in my mind for years now. I’m finally writinging it down as part of my summer challenge.