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March 2010

Ard Boyz 2010

Upcoming ‘ard Boyz and a Break for Me

May is the month for ‘ard Boyz and my FLGS will be holding preliminaries for it. The April tournament at the shop will be 2,500 to get ready for the encroaching ‘ard Boyz. Since I have no interest in ‘ard Boyz in May I’ll be skipping out on the April…Read More

Orks iz Made 4 Rokkin

Orks: Green iz Best!

As the owner if three 40K armies I tend to bounce between them, though my Necrons are usually neglected. I started 40K with Orks and then about a year later I started up my Necrons. About a year after that I got into Space Marines. As much as I’ve become…Read More

Back to Normal

The past two weeks have been crazy but things should be back to normal, meaning wrapping up the assembly stage of Joe’s figures. I’m going to push this week to get the last of the units assembled so that next week I can move on to painting. Painting will be…Read More

Busy, Busy, Busy

Last week I was insanely busy. From Wednesday to Saturday I was really only home long enough to sleep. This week looks better although I’ll be gone this weekend to visit the in-laws. As a result I haven’t done as much work on Joe’s army as I’d like. Since the…Read More


March’s Team Tournament Report

First let me say that the team tournament was one of the funnest tournaments I’ve done. Having four players on a table just adds a whole new dynamic to the game and the mood at the tables was light and fun. So to re-cap. The team tournament was random partners…Read More

Krylon Black Primer

The Question of Primer (Ammendment)

A few weeks ago I posted about primer and mentioned Dupli-Color as my primer of choice. I’ve had a bit of a love hate relationship with Dupli-Color and the final nail in the coffin was shortly after I posted that article. My experience with it has been that the first…Read More