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May 2011

Pew Pew Pew

May Tournament Report

The tournament this month at the LGS was a 2K one but with a twist. You had a 1,500 force and two 500 sideboards. You combined the core and a sideboard and it had to stay in the force org. Once you knew the mission and your opponent’s main force…Read More

Command Center

Command Center: Bug Fix v1.3.2

Fixed a bug where removing weapons from your weapon list and saving your roster was not deleting the weapons from the roster. Check it out.

Seal Team 6

Weekly Battle: Kill Team Tournament

Every now and then we do these small tournaments on the regular 40K night at the LGS. Last night we did a Kill Team tournament. I mulled around various ideas and in the end just went with throwing down 7 Immortals. Having T5 in such a small game meant I…Read More


Rok Da Vote: GW Price Hike

What more appropriate poll than asking about the current price increase from GW regarding many of their products?


Rok Da Vote: Win % Poll Closing

This poll didn’t seem to draw a lot of attention so it’s time to move on. I asked what your win % was in 40K and the results are below.