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Fate Lord Monthu (Shrike) Painting Showcase for Space Marines

    A while ago I posted the WIP of Monthu, my counts-as Shrike, after I finished converting him. I finished painting him a bit ago and am finally getting around to putting up some shots of him. Some of the shots are a bit blurry but I don’t feel like setting it up again so they’ll do for now.

    The Conversion

    Here he is again before painting with the conversion work and sculpting.

    Fate Lord Monthu (Shrike) Gallery

    And finished.

    Painting Thoughts

    I painted my counts-as Shrike (Monthu) differently than the rest of my Space Marines. I wanted to differentiate what I call a Fate Lord, which is basically a special character.

    So, instead of being a bone color a Fate Lord gets black armor.

    Also, the inverted Omega symbol is there to symbolize the end, which I thought seemed very fitting for a character having a title like Fate Lord ;)

    Other than that, the usual freehand work I’ve been doing on my Space Marines is present, including the chapter symbol.

    I do have a tutorial on painting freehand. It’s really a lot easier than you’d think it is.

    There’s just some basic edge highlights on there – tutorial if you’re interested.

    The lightning claws were painted in the same layered style I’ve been doing all of them on this army.


    I’m happy with how this all came together. I wanted a unique looking Shrike, and something that fit in with my army, and I feel that’s what I managed here.

    Shrike is one of my favorite special characters for Marines and I’m glad to have one to add to my army.


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    ming from b&c
    ming from b&c
    13 years ago

    Awesome job! 

    13 years ago

    Wow, very cool man. How long did he take you?

    James S
    13 years ago

     I really like his helmet and the other bone bits.

    James S
    13 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Awesome job on the background.  Plus, the name is cool, Fate’s Angels.  A good name is pretty darn important I think.

    Some of the big original chapters have pretty silly names if you think abut it to much, so I try not to (Wolves . . . in space!)