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Chaos Lord Soulgore Painting Showcase for Chaos Marines

    Chaos Lord Soulgore is finally complete! I have worked on this model off and on in various forms for months and months. The painting didn’t take too long but building him seemed to take forever. For those unfamiliar, he is built from the Chaos Knights kit (legs and axe), the old metal Chaos Lord (backpack), the Chaos Marines kit (head, torso and arms), and the bull is the Brass Bull from Reaper Miniatures. The front part of the saddle and saddle strap I made with greenstuff and plasticard.

    In game he is a Chaos Lord on a Juggernaut with the Axe of Blind Fury. His arms are magnetized for ease of weapon change-ups and his torso is magnetized to make storing him easier as well as allowing me to create a foot version of him.

    Anyway, enough talk and on to pictures. I did bust out my digital camera for these but the lighting isn’t great. It’s morning in Maine during the winter, which means minimal outside lighting to work with (which I prefer to use when possible), and in turn I had to set up some lights for my ghetto light box and those lights aren’t great. The quality of the shots are better than my WIP ones so there is that.

    Soulgore Gallery


    Overall I’m happy with how everything came out. The big new thing I did is the snow base. I’ve been using snow flock on this army and it looks OK; it’s fast and easy. Then I saw some snow that Khorne Inquisitor did for his Khorne Chariot and I was impressed and asked him for the technique; which he should probably do a tutorial on :) After some experimenting with the technique I got what you see there, which I feel looks pretty realistic and isn’t overly complicated to do. Of course the downside is I now want to apply that technique on previously finished models. The joys of learning new things while in the process of working on an army.

    Now that Soulgore is done it’s time to figure out my next painting project. I have plenty of things to choose from that need paint and I think I’ll pick something I feel will be fun to work on. I did a lot of required painting leading up to the Standoff in November so I’ll keep it fun and interesting for now.

    Oh, I’ve also done a character feature on Soulgore. It’s some fluffy background stuff if you’re interested in reading.


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    10 years ago

    Looks awesome man. Yeah, I guess I should I put a tutorial up on that. I have meant to, and I actually have three seperate tutorials written out (Nurgle sculpting, ice basing, and snow basing) but I am terrible at taking the pictures.:p. would love to see a foot variant of this guy!

    10 years ago

    He came out great! A very fitting representation.

    I wouldn’t worry about updating the bases on your army. Unless it’s freshly fallen snow cover can be very inconsistent. As long as they don’t somehow clash I think it’s better to have a little variation across your units.

    Warren Falconer
    10 years ago

    Very awesome and unique model. Great paint job. Odds are you won’t see another one across the table from you ever and there is something to be said for that. Can’t wait to see it in person.