Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh

Showcase: Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh

Well, I’ve finally finished painting a model I started working on in August of 2015, my Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh. So, it only took 16 months to do! It was a classic case of needing a model for something, changing my mind, and forgetting about it. I almost let this sit for longer still, seeing as I’m working on my Human Blood Bowl team, but it only needed a few more hours, so I figured it was time to finish it.

Chaos Lord Gallery

The Model

Currently the Lord is armed with a Burning Brand of Skalathrax, and obviously a lightning claw. Everything – as usual, is magnetized, including torso to the Steed. So, I can swap arms, backpack, and even put on another rider, like a Sorcerer.

The current armament was for a list idea I had at the time. Now that we have Traitor Legions, I’ll have to evaluate options for him. However, for the sake of getting the model complete, I just went with what I had already begun with.

The Painting

Overall I’m please with the model, but it’s not my favorite in this setup. The lightning claw is awkward I feel. I do like the rest of it, but another arm in place of that Lightning Claw would go a long way towards balancing out the model.

The Steed of Slaanesh I’m very happy with. I think he came out well. It’s probably a bit too lean to be carrying a power armored Marine, but it looks cool in my opinion.

Lastly, the model is my continued experimentation with getting better with blending. I don’t aim for perfect, seamless blending. I just want something that looks good at a distance. I did play around a bit more with a more NMM look to it, but it’s pretty subtle. I picture power armor being a matte finish for practicality, so I didn’t go as strong with highlights as you’d normally see with NMM.

Well, one last completed model for 2016. I didn’t finish nearly as many models as I wanted to for this year, but I did get my Knight done, so I can’t complain.

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Showcase: Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh
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