Human Blood Bowl Team

Painting Showcase: Introducing the Titan Bay Thunderhawks – Blood Bowl

I began working on this team as soon as Blood Bowl came out, so end of November. It’s been slow progress on the team since then, but I also approached it that way. I wanted to step back from the assembly line painting of Warhammer 40K, and focus on working on a model or two at a time to a higher standard. So, it took me 4 months to paint 13 models, but I had a lot of fun doing it, and I’m happy with how the team has turned out.

Titan Bay Thunderhawks (Human Team)

I came up with the team name for my Human team as a result of the paint I use for the team, Thunderhawk Blue. I was trying to decide what color to paint the team and was having no luck. So, I started browsing the paints at my FLGS and saw the Thunderhawk Blue. I really liked the color so I grabbed it, and that’s how the team came to be.

For the team logo I decided to base it off of the Seattle Seahawks logo, but more simplified considering the scale it would be painted.

Lastly, I decided to not do a clean look, which I do with my Chaos Marines, but something that looked like the models were in the middle of a football game. So, I did some paint wear, armor damage, dirt, etc. Pretty simple and basic stuff, but it really made a difference in the end.

First is the team pictures, but below are shots of each position grouped together.

As always, click for a larger view.






If you’re interested, you can read my tutorial on painting the Ogre.

The End

I’ve had a lot of fun working on the team, but it’s always nice to finish a project too. I do still have to paint the balls and tokens for the team. So, not entirely done painting Blood Bowl at the moment, and you may see a bit more for these guys in the near future.

Also, if you aren’t playing Blood Bowl then you really should be. I did an article about just that, why you should be playing Blood Bowl.

Update: The tokens and balls are painted if you’d like to see those as well.

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Painting Showcase: Introducing the Titan Bay Thunderhawks – Blood Bowl
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