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Undead/Necromantic Blood Bowl Coach Painted (Showcase)

    I posted recently about my Blood Bowl coach I had sculpted. It is my first ever miniature sculpt and I’m very proud of how that came out. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine and I made it :)

    I’ve since managed to get him painted and that’s what I’m showing off today.

    Oh, and as the title suggests, he’s the coach of both my Undead team, the Cryptkickers, and my Necromantic team, the Grave Wardens.

    Blood Bowl Coach

    Painting Thoughts

    It really is a pretty simple model, so I’ll be honest in saying the paint job isn’t amazing. I’m not knocking myself, just that as much fun as I had sculpting this model, it didn’t really call to me in painting – not sure why really. Maybe I was just burned out from the sculpting.

    I kept everything simple and basic on the coach. I had some fun with the cloak, trying to give it some interesting textures, but most everything else is just bog standard painting.

    I will say I’m pretty pleased with the base. The texture came out well and I played with washes and dry brushing to just get something a bit more eye-catching than a single color with a wash.

    I feel the base pulls it all together.

    I’m happy to have sculpted this coach and now painted him. This will serve as a great time capsule at some point for when I get better at sculpting and create some more stuff.


    I’m happy with my painting results, but more importantly to have a coach to take to my games now.

    From start to finish this was a fun project and it really got me doing something new. I’ve never sculpted a model before, so the whole process of coming up with an idea, creating it, and then painting it was really fun and unique.


    Amusing story. I took the coach to his first game last week. He wasn’t painted but fully sculpted at that point. I was playing against Orcs and took 4 casualties, none of which I made a regeneration roll on. I’m hoping now that he’s painted that he’ll be more inspiring for my team to make some regen rolls *fingers crossed*

    Blood Bowl Stuff


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    4 years ago

    He came out awesome! Now that he’s painted, his vibe has shifted from Dr. Doom to more Skeletor. Which is still pretty badass, honestly. The flame pattern on the cloak is simple, but effective, and the burst of magic coming from his hand painted up really nicely.

    Rory - Stepping Between Games

    Loving the cloak. Shane you didn’t feel more inspired by the model itself. Do you think that is down to all the effort into sculpting it?