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Undead Blood Bowl Team Painting Showcase (Cryptkickers)

    I knew when I saw this team that I had to have it. I think the Undead team is the best looking one Games Workshop has put out for Blood Bowl – hands down. Also, I’m not normally one for undead/zombie things either, but these are just awesome.

    Also, I wanted to take a break from my Human team, the Titan Bay Thunderhawks. I’ve run them in 3 seasons at my FLGS and it was time for a change. I’ve been hoping GW would put out a Norse team soon (my favorite team), but I’m not going to hold my breathe on that.

    So, Undead team it was and here we are!

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    Undead Team Gallery

    I had a lot of fun painting this team. I took a more carefree approach to working on them. Basically, that translates into me not getting overly critical of things that aren’t perfect or didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

    I also like painting each model uniquely, even if it’s just minor differences like cloth colors, boots, etc. The goal is to always make the team look cohesive, but not replications of every other team member.

    Anyway, pictures!





    I started with the 2 Ghouls that come in the team box, but later I added in 2 more by converting Fantasy Ghouls.

    So, that’s why these pictures are broken out into two sets of 2, though I did do a group shot of them all together.


    While I like the Wight sculpts, they needed a cape. Having played Blood Bowl the PC game, I’m used to Wights having a cape and I like the look of it. Plus, it sets them apart more from the Skeletons.

    I used the awesome tutorial from Ron at From the Warp if you’re curious how I accomplished it.


    Undead Painting Thoughts

    I was surprised at how painless it was to paint this team. See, I’ve been playing a lot of Warhammer Underworlds where you only have to paint around 4 models for a warband. So, I thought moving to 13 models was going to seem like a drag; it didn’t.

    My Human team was a bit of a chore when I did them a few years ago, but the models in the Undead team vary widely compared to Humans. It was easier to keep interest while working on this team.

    Anyway, as far as painting goes I’m happy with what I did. This was my first big attempt at doing NMM as well. It’s not all perfect, but I figured out quite a bit and I think it looks good anyway.

    I had a blast playing with various dead skin tones as well. Each Zombie was done uniquely, also the Ghouls, to just try out stuff. Plus, it keeps the team from looking too bland by mixing it up.

    I have to say, the Zombies are my favorite. While I love the Mummies the most in terms of sculpt, but the way the Zombies came out pleasantly surprised me.

    I wanted to play with the Citadel Technical Paints for basing. So, I used Lustrian Undergrowth for the grass and Stirland Mud for the mud parts. I was aiming for a swampy look for it because it seems the perfect creepy vibe for the team.

    Overall, I think I created a good looking team without spending a ton of time painting them, so I’m pleased.

    Undead Team Painting Recipes

    More for my own knowledge, as I track this as I’m working on the team, but of course anyone is welcomed to the recipes I used.

    The items below are only the consistent elements from player to player. Things that were one-offs, like Zombie skin tones, aren’t below.

    Below, when I mentioned things like blended shading or blended layer, what I’m talking about is blending. Instead of doing a normal layer of paint, instead I build up to that layer with blending to create smooth transitions. I have a tutorial on layered blending if you’re curious.

    Lastly, all paints used are from Citadel unless noted otherwise.



    • Base coat with Lustrian Undergrowth.
    • Wash with Athonian Camoshade.
    • Dry brush with Camouflage Green (Vallejo).


    • Base coat with Stirland Mud.
    • Dry brush with Steel Legion Drab.
    • Dry brush with XV-88.


    • Regular Skeletons are base coated with White Scar. Wights are base coated with Pallid Wych Flesh.
    • Wash with Nuln Oil.
    • Highlight with White Scar for regular Skeletons and Pallid Wych Flesh for Wights.
    • Glaze with Athonian Camoshade (1/1 mix of Athonian Camoshade and Lahmian Medium).

    Purple Armor

    • Base coat with Xereus Purple.
    • Blended shade with Abaddon Black.
    • Blended highlight with Genestealer Purple.
    • Base edge highlight with Warpfiend Grey.
    • Mid-highlight with Slaanesh Grey.
    • Extreme edge highlight with Pallid Wych Flesh.


    • Base coat with Karak Stone.
    • Blended layer of Ushabti Bone.
    • Blended layer of Screaming Skull.
    • Wash with Seraphim Sepia.
    • Blended highlight layer of Screaming Skull.

    Black Elements

    • Base coat Abaddon Black.
    • Layer with Dark Reaper.
    • Highlight with Thunderhawk Blue.
    • Extreme highlight with Fenrisian Grey.

    Orange Elements

    • Base coat with Hot Orange (Vallejo).
    • Blended shading with Doombull Brown.
    • Deepest blended shade with Rhinox Hide.
    • Base highlight with Fire Dragon Bright.
    • Mid-highlight with Fire Dragon Bright + Screaming Skull (1/1 ratio).
    • Extreme highlight with Fire Dragon Bright + Screaming Skull (1/2 ratio).


    I’m glad to have my second Blood Bowl team painted up. As I said above, I do enjoy my Human team, but it’s nice to have another option. If GW keeps putting out models like this for other teams, then I’ll no doubt find myself with more than two options as well.

    Also, thanks to Castigator for the name suggestion for the team – Cryptkickers.

    If you’re in the market for a new team, definitely check out the Undead. Not only were they super fun to paint (lots of variety), but they’re a great team in the game as well. I wouldn’t suggest them for beginners, as they are a bit tricky, but it’s a great team for someone with experience.

    Oh, I’ve also added to this team to be able to use them as a Necromantic team too. Check out the showcase there too :)

    There’s also a coach I’ve since created you can check out as well.

    Blood Bowl Stuff


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    5 years ago

    Looking great! The varied skin tones really do work nicely with the uniforms to let them stand out as individuals while still all clearly being part of the same group.

    I’m going to have to try out Lustrian Undergrowth. That’s a great wet grass/mossy look, I think it would go really nicely as a bit of extra variation for my Nurgle swamp basing.

    5 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    I use older, really high gloss inks to wash the bases, to reinforce the vibe of everything being all soggy.

    5 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Yeah, as we’ve discussed before, I’ve just had too many problems with sealers. And I kind of like being able to take advantage of the different finishes that different paints provide, too.

    5 years ago

    They look ace mate!
    I love everything about them, they have the right creepiness without looking too grungy and the right amount of colour variation without looking too gaudy. The basing sets them off perfectly, great work buddy…….and great name too ;-)

    Rory (Stepping Between Games)

    Great stuff chief, glad you got them over the finish line or should that be touchdown line.

    They look very well. The bases pulled everything together.

    Rory (Stepping Between Games)

    It is absolutely fantastic to see them altogether. If you don’t follow CT or Thor on social media you are missing out. He has been doing these up for a while.
    Lovely to see them altogether. Now how well will they play…

    4 years ago

    Wow! This is awesome! I was looking for some alternate paintings for my undead team and this really works for me.

    Great job!