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Gretchen Wachter “The Blood Bowl Widow” Painting Showcase

Gretchen Wachter - Blood Bowl

A friend at my FLGS bought this model with the intent of it becoming Gretchen Wachter, a Banshee special player for Blood Bowl. He gave it to me to paint, seeing as it’s a player I can use.

She sat around for a while as I worked on my other team, but I finally managed to find the time to get her all painted up.

Gretchen Wachter Showcase

Painting Thoughts

I sculpted some armor onto the Banshee, trying to keep it similar to the card. I was pretty happy with how that came out.

Banshee Card

I also shot a video showing the sculpted armor before painting it.

I wanted to do a simple paint job on Gretchen Wachter. Nothing really fancy, just something fun and easy. I just got done painting up my Necromantic Horror team, the Grave Wardens, so I thought this would be a fun little project as a break from the norm for me.

The flowy dress was mostly done with washes to create the color transition. I came in after and blended up some highlights to clean it up. Rather happy with the result.

The base is simple too. I wanted to give a dead and desolate feel without doing anything really complicated, and I think I pulled that off. I wanted Gretchen to be the focal point and the muted base tones do that.

The tufts of grass was something new I had picked up. I kept seeing other painters use them and liking how they looked. So, I figured it was time I got myself some and started using them.


There you have it, one special player – Gretchen Wachter. Not a whole lot to say on this one.

If anyone is interested in the model I used, it’s the Banshee blister pack in the D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures line for WizKids.

How did I do? Accurate representation of Gretchen?

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2 years ago

Not much to say, yeah. Looks good, the armour is a really cool added touch that should help her fit in on the field.