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Blood Bowl Ogre Conversion & Sculpting Showcase

    I’ve been itching to play Ogres in Blood Bowl for quite a while. Basically, since 2016 when the game was re released. However, there’s no team for Ogres and we only have 2 Ogre models to date from Games Workshop, well one is Forge World. So, that leaves doing conversions for an Ogre team.

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    I bought myself the Gutbusters for the Ogres off of Amazon. The box is perfect in that it has 6 Ogres and they’re pretty naked, leaving lots of easy room for conversion and sculpting to turn them into Blood Bowl Ogres.

    That’s just what I did and that’s what I wanted to show you today. I figured I’d do a showcase of them before priming and painting in case anyone else is looking for a good way to convert up an Ogre team.

    Blood Bowl Ogre Conversions

    Ogre #1

    Ogre #2

    Ogre #3

    Ogre #4

    Ogre #5

    Ogre #6


    I also shot a little video showing the models too.

    Conversion Thoughts

    I’m really happy with how these big dumb brutes came out. It was just a matter of some simple stuff to get them ready for Blood Bowl.

    The element I wasn’t sure on was the shoulder pads. I knew I wanted something consistent in size and just sculpting them on there would have been a bit trial and error.

    What I did was take plasticard (about 1mm thick) and cut rectangle strips. I bent those over the shoulders and glued them down. I then went over that with green stuff to thicken them up some, create scratches and gouges, and add in some details.

    I’m very pleased with how those shoulder pads came out and they’re consistent Ogre to Ogre – just what I wanted.

    I opted to not bother with helmets on any of the Ogres. I think a normal style helmet looks lame on them and I wasn’t feeling up to working out something I would like.

    Also, getting any sort of consistency would be tough. Add in the facial hair most of the Ogres have and I felt I was better off as-is.

    Lastly, I sculpted everything so it’s battered and worn, which not only is fitting for Blood Bowl, but especially Ogres. It’s not as though Ogres are winning games by scoring touchdowns.

    The fun thing with sculpted battered stuff is you aren’t aiming for perfection and smooth surfaces, which suits me just fine.


    I’m a big fan of Ogres and I’m glad I’ve got a team going for the next season at my FLGS. They’re a team that you just have to have fun with because you’re not going to win many games and the dice will always let you down on critical plays.

    I do also have the team fully painted now if you want to see some pretty pictures.

    Any other Ogre team lovers out there?

    Blood Bowl Stuff


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    Rory - Stepping Between Games

    Gorgeous sculpting there, once they are base coated no one will ever know they are conversions. Which to me os perfect.

    Plus I never knew you could take an all Ogre team in BB!

    Rory - Stepping Between Games
    Reply to  Thor

    That is some speed for that level of work, bravo. A real passion project.

    How many snotlings to a base?

    4 years ago

    Excellent! I got beat up by Ogres in our League a couple of weeks ago, and it was a really fun game. The shoulder pads came out great, and using plasticard to keep the size consistent was a really good idea.

    I kind of feel like I would have done a helmet on just one of them. Not entirely sure why, but it seems like it would maybe show that that one is more in the spirit of the game or something. And if you just do one, consistency isn’t an issue. Or maybe just take a head from a regular human player or something and drill it out so it’s just the helmet and tie it on top of their head with a bit of string.

    My fave is the guy with the bear trap. “I’m gonna clamp this on your face now.”

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    It certainly helped matters that I went into this league knowing I was going to get beat up, down, and sideways. It’s been my first time playing against actual human opponents, and picking Norse for that was a baaad idea. It has been an amazing learning experience, tho, and I’m really looking forward to future games against actual opponents, using something like Orks, Dwarves, or Amazons.

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    I actually am still playing on the computer. Until now, I’ve just been playing against the crappy AI. This is a private league set up by some folks I know down in Oregon, so it’s all good people.

    It’s even worse when it’s game 6 of the league and the Norse only have two Players leveled at all. I had two more, but they got killed.

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    I knew it was bad, but I didn’t realize just how awful it was until I started playing against human opponents.

    Pretty standard team, I think. Two Berzerkers, two Ulfs, a Runner, and a bunch of linemen. 3 Re-rolls, which I feel like I maybe should have gone for 4.

    Some of it has just been getting out-played. AV7 is not very forgiving of screw-ups. Some of it has honestly been plain bad luck. The computer version keeps track of your rolls over the course of each game in a number of ways, and some of them, on my part, have been atrocious. My first 6 block dice in the League were skulls, for instance. I don’t have a single game where I’ve rolled more pows or more both downs than skulls, and my average on d6s is somewhere around 3.3 rather than the expected 3.5. Perhaps most notably, my success rate on 3+ pick-up rolls is around 33%. Plus, 2 games out of the 7 so far have been in the rain, with an additional -1 on that. Last game saw one of my Ulfs killed trying to block a Snotling. Stuff like that.

    My only TD so far was in the game against the AI player that got subbed in for the guy who had to drop from the league. And the Casualties have all been getting achieved by this one random Lineman who makes like half as many blocks as my Ulfs and Zerks, but has a ludicrous success rate, and has rolled doubles for both of his skills (Dodge and Guard). Dude’s been stealing the luck from the rest of the team or something ;)

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Yeah, I’m happy to have that Blocker, but on the other hand, I think I’d be happier to have Block on my Ulfs.

    Yhetee and Thrower would be on the list to pick up eventually, but I’ve barely been able to keep up with the rate at which my dudes have been getting injured and killed, let alone look into expanding, and there are only two games left in the League. And due to the randomly seeded round robin format, they’re against the two best coaches, with the two highest value teams, so I’m not expecting a whole lot there.

    And honestly, it’s kind of nice to at least have a record of the luck, so I know it’s not just confirmation bias. It would be nicer to not be rolling like that, but I’ll take what I can get.

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Yeah, especially when you’ve been doing poorly. They’re just going to top 4 for the playoffs, so I don’t have to worry about that, just get through the next two games and then start thinking about the next league.

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Honestly, with the shape I’m expecting my team to be in by then, it’s kind of a relief. Next time, tho, the Tlaxtlan Jaguars will be ready for them!