Orcland Raiders Showcase

Blood Bowl Orc Team – Orcland Raiders Painting Showcase

Hello, everyone.

Cadaver here from Home Of Cadaver

After what seemed (and probably was) a lifetime of hiatus this is my latest blog update. I hope there are still people out there willing to read and see what I have to show, but nevertheless, here I am writing down my latest hobby achievements.

Contrary to what it may seem from my online activity, I have been quite active hobby-wise but not able to make regular posts about my activities. Most of my gaming activity of the past months has to do with Blood Bowl and Necromunda, with Blood Bowl gaining most of my hobby time share since I took part in a couple of leagues.

My lack of online activity isn’t actually the case with my Instagram account where I post quite regularly WIPs and various bits and bobs on what is going on my gaming table. So, anyone interested might actually want to follow me there as well @homeofcadaver

Orcland Raiders Gallery

Being a quite slow painter, I have just managed to finish up my Blood Bowl Orc team, the famous Orcland Raiders.

Blood Bowl Orcs

I have decided to stick to the original colour scheme, mostly because I love painting yellow (those of you that follow me all these years might have figured it out ;) ), but also because I think yellow suits Orcs wonderfully!

The Models

As I was building my team, I have stumbled upon a problem that I’m sure most orc players have, the absence of Black Orcs and Blitzers from the basic sprue. I had decided to play with 4 Black orcs and 4 Blitzers, and I had only 2 of each available in the box.

Black Orcs

So, I have decided to build my own Black Orcs, one of them you can see in the pictures above. Where is the second one you ask? Well, in the very first game that I have played one of them died, and then in my second one I lost another one.

I have eventually managed to buy one back later on in the league, so I decided to build only one out the initial 2 extras that I had on my roster. I may eventually build another one whenever I decide to play them again.

The model is built using all sorts of bits and pieces from the (mostly Warhammer 40K) Ork range, the body of a Nob, the hand of an Ogre, and shoulder pads from Space Marines and a Dreadnought (yes you heard that right :P )

Orc Blitzers

Blitzers are a must in any Orc team and I had to include 4 of them. Same problem here, I had to build 2 and again my Ork bitz box came in handy. Nothing fancy here as you may probably see.

Orc Throwers

Staying to the positionals, the Throwers are straight from the box, although one too many, I painted both to complete the team.

Orc Linemen

Of course the backbone of the orc team, the Linemen, couldn’t be absent, so here they are in all their black and yellow glory!


Last, but definitely not least, the Goblin of the team. I built him using bits from the old Goblin kit and adding a wire frame to create the blood bowl helmet.

What’s Next

One big (in the quite literal manner) absence from this group photoshoot is my troll. He is currently in my workbench getting some paint and he will get his photos once he is finished, so keep your eyes on this spot for more.

I am also going to post updates on him on Instagram, plus I am planning some live videos on him so have a look for them too!

So, there you have it. I have finally managed to finish something after all these months, and I am quite happy with how they turned out. Hopefully they will end up giving me some victories as well since their results on the field have been quite disastrous :P

I would love to hear your comments and remarks!

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Blood Bowl Orc Team – Orcland Raiders Painting Showcase
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