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Steelheart’s Champions are Painted (Warhammer Underworlds)

    Well, the warband that has inspired two tutorials is now complete! After those tutorials I can’t think of much else to say other than here’s my Steelheart’s Champions for Shadespire.

    Steelheart’s Champions Gallery

    Angharad Brightshield

    Obryn the Bold

    Severin Steelheart

    Painting Thoughts

    Well, the warband was an absolute blast to paint. Seriously. I haven’t had this much fun painting anything in a very, very long time.

    What made painting Steelheart’s Champions fun was just trying completely new stuff. The rust for example, was an idea I had to do something different. Stormcasts are typically gold, sometimes steel, and the epitome of good. That’s not my thing, so I wanted gritty and interesting.

    I had so much fun working on the rust, and in turn creating a tutorial for it, because it’s outside my wheelhouse for painting – it was new, different, and fun.

    The marble was the other thing I played with. Getting that marble so I liked it was a process. The results you see were my third attempt at it.

    While taking so long to figure out the marble was frustrating at times, it was still fun to do. I learned something new, and that’s the greatest thing with painting. And, I also did a tutorial on painting marble as well.

    Now, the OSL isn’t that great and the reason for that is the Typhus Corrosion I used for the rust. I had given zero thought into that when I was getting the armor all rusty. I just slapped Typhus Corrosion everywhere!

    Well, once you put that on there, and then you add Ryza Rust, you now have a texture that fights you when you’re trying to lay down thin coats of paint for OSL.

    It’s fine though and I can live with it. I added the OSL to break up the rust a bit, and it does the job even if it’s not perfect.

    The basing, creating a vibrant setting, was done to give some visual contrast to all the rusty armor. I think it came out well.


    So, I’m very happy with how my Steelheart’s Champions came out. It’s not my best work, but I had such a great time working on these models that I have no complaints at all!

    If you’re wondering what the fuss is about with Shadepire then check out my review.

    I also have some strategies and tactics for Steelheart’s Champions as well.

    Thor’s Warhammer Underworlds Warbands


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    5 years ago

    Looking good. Not a whole lot to say, since we’ve seen them individually, but they do look good as a team. Also, I figured out who Steelheart reminds me of with the beard: He looks a bit like Tyler Hoechlin when he’s doing a scruffier look.

    5 years ago
    Reply to  Westrider

    Thanks, and I can see what you mean about Tyler Hoechlin.