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Magore's Fiends

Magore’s Fiends Painting Showcase for Warhammer Underworlds

After way too long, I’ve finally completed painting on my Magore’s Fiends for Warhammer Underworlds.

TL:DR – I had issues early on causing a set back, but they’re all done now.

I started them back at the end of July, and between life and painting mishaps, here we are way later than intended. Previously, I had two of the warband done and sealed. However, likely the serious humidity we were having or I didn’t shake the can enough, the always trusty Testors Dullcote went on shinier than it should have.

Normally I could live with a bit of a shine; it wasn’t bad really and still a matte finish, but I had done some very subtle blending that was now lost in that slight sheen.

Combining that with the fact there were a few things on the models that I wasn’t happy with (I had redone the bases 3 times), I tossed them both into a Simple Green bath to strip them. That may be only the 2nd time I’ve done that – stripped a model I didn’t have to because I wasn’t happy with it.

When you’ve only got 4 models and you have to strip 2 of them, it’s a bit of a blow to the motivation needless to say. Still, I sucked it up and forged ahead, albeit way later than planned.

I decided to make a change though, and one I’m very happy with, so there’s a silver lining in the story. Instead of painting them all in the same color scheme, I decided to paint each one uniquely but fitting of Khorne. My thought was they were all a part of former warbands killed off in the city of Shadespire. They all eventually met up over time, and all being followers of Khorne, reformed into Magore’s Fiends.

So, they don’t all wear the same armor, but they all fight for Khorne. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

I did, however, tie each model together, at least the Blood Warriors. Each one has elements from another. So, they all share red, bone, brass, and black, oh and the silver.

It’s an idea I had when I started painting them but decided to ignore. Stripping those models gave me the chance to have a go at it, so I ran with it. Plus, not painting the models exactly as I had painted them previously (prior to stripping), helped make the pain of painting them a second time easier to swallow.

Anyway, since I have not done any WIP posts on them here, I thought I’d fill you in, whether you wanted to be filled in or not ;)

Now, pretty pictures!

Magore’s Fiends Painting Showcase

Here’s the warband all together and below are shots of each model.

Also, I’m including the painting recipe with each model since it’s distinct to every one. Also, unless noted otherwise, the color used is from Citadel. Any Vallejo colors will be designated with (V).

Painting Recipe

The brass and silver parts were done the same on each model. Here’s those recipes.


  1. Base coat Brass Scorpion.
  2. Washed with Agrax Earthshade.
  3. Shaded with Rhinox Hide.
  4. Deeper shading with Rhinox Hide + Abaddon Black (50/50).
  5. Layered back up to Brass Scorpion.
  6. Layered with Runelord Brass at the highest points.
  7. Extreme highlights with Ironbreaker.
  8. Oxidation done with Nihilakh Oxide.


  1. Base coat with Ironbreaker.
  2. Washed with Nuln Oil.
  3. Layered back up to Ironbreaker.
  4. Shaded with Abaddon Black.
  5. Extreme highlights with Runefang Steel.

Base Stone Area

  1. Base coat Abaddon Black.
  2. Dry brush with Stormvermin Fur.
  3. Dry brush with Karak Stone.

Base Lava

  1. Base coat Hot Orange (V).
  2. Layer with Fire Dragon Bright.
  3. Layer with Flash Gitz Yellow.
  4. OSL areas were done with Fire Dragon Bright.

Ghartok Flayskull

Armor Painting Recipe

  1. Base coat Khorne Red.
  2. Shade Rhinox Hide.
  3. Deepest shading with Rhinox Hide + Abaddon Black (50/50).
  4. Highlights are Evil Sunz Scarlet.
  5. Extreme highlights and scratches with Hot Orange (V).

Zharkus the Bloodsighted

Armor Painting Recipe

  1. Base coat Abaddon black.
  2. Layered with Eshin Grey.
  3. Layered with Cold Grey (V).
  4. Extreme highlights and scratches with Administratum Grey.


Skin Painting Recipe

  1. Base coat Khorne Red.
  2. Base coat scaly areas with Abaddon Black.
  3. Wash with Nuln Oil.
  4. Highlights with Tuskgor Fur.
  5. Wash again with Nuln Oil.
  6. More highlights with Tuskgor Fur.
  7. Black areas dry brushed with Cold Grey (V).
  8. Further dry brushing with Administratum Grey.

Magore Redhand

Armor Painting Recipe

  1. Base coat with Ushabti Bone.
  2. Shaded with Karak Stone.
  3. Deeper shading with Steel Legion Drab.
  4. Layered and highlights with Screaming Skull.
  5. Extreme highlights with White Scar.

Cape Painting Recipe

  1. Base coat with Khorne Red.
  2. Washed with Athonian Camoshade.
  3. Deepest shading with Rhinox Hide + Abaddon Black (50/50).
  4. Layered back up to Khorne Red.
  5. Extreme highlights with Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Painting Thoughts

I’m very happy with the end result on Magore’s Fiends. The road was bumpy, but it all worked out in the end.

I have always loved the look of Chaos in the fantasy line and was glad to get a go at painting some finally. I will say I’m very tired of painting skulls right now though. Seriously, each model had like 10 skulls. Each. Single. Model.

The bone armor on Magore I’m really happy with, and his axe came out cool I think.

I finally got the red tones I’ve been trying forever to get with Khorne on Ghartok. I’ve always loved that dark, brooding red look.

Zharkus is my favorite human model in the bunch. His pose is dynamic and he just looks awesome all painted up.

Riptooth was my favorite to paint, and favorite model in the warband. I was going to save him for last, but the paint stripping threw a wrench in that. Plus, it gave me a break from painting armor.

Anyway, I really liked how GW painted their Riptooth, with the blended red and black, so I basically copied what they had done. Duncan did a video on it if you’re curious.

Of course, there’s some stuff that didn’t come out perfect, however, I learned a TON working on this warband – for better or worse it was time to move on.

One lesson I took away was to wait for the entire warband to be done before sealing them. Prior, I was sealing each model as I got them done.

This time I waited, and I’m glad I did. With each model I painted, I would pick up something new, and then I was able to go back and do small, quick touch ups on the others with what I figured out. Had I sealed them one-off then I wouldn’t have been able to do that. A definite lesson to take forward with me.

Final Thoughts

So, I’m glad to have Magore’s Fiends done and now they’re ready for some games. While the setbacks sucked, it’s through setbacks that you learn the most. You just gotta grit your teeth and move forward.

Also, if you’re curious about getting into Warhammer Underworlds (the models are awesome & the game is a blast), then check out my review of the game.

Oh, if I didn’t include a recipe you’re curious about then let me know and I’ll add it.

If you’re curious about tactics and strategies with the warband, then WestRider did a great write up on Magore’s Fiends worth reading.

I’ve also got some other Warhammer Underworlds warbands all painted up if you want to take a look: Garrek’s Reavers, Ironskull’s Boyz, and Steelheart’s Champions.

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Magore’s Fiends Painting Showcase for Warhammer Underworlds
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