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Blood Bowl Necromantic Team Painting Showcase (Grave Wardens)

    No doubt like many players, I picked up the Shambling Undead team for Blood Bowl and realized I only needed 4 different players to turn them into a Necromantic team.

    So, that’s just what I did, and so many of these you may have already seen on my Undead team, the Cryptkickers. However, for the sake of completeness I’ve included them here as well, for my Necromantic team I’m calling the Grave Wardens.

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    Grave Wardens (Necromantic) Gallery


    These are the WizKids Werewolves. I’m not usually a fan of their models for anything serious but I liked the look of them and you can’t beat the price.

    I did a lot of sculpting work to create the armor (they were nearly neked before) and I’m pretty happy with how they came out.

    If you like the chain on the right Werewolf then check out the chain sculpting tutorial I did. It’s super easy to do and looks great for something with so minimal effort.


    The same Wights used on my Cryptkickers team. I had sculpted cloaks on these to make them just look more awesome.

    Flesh Golems

    These I picked up off Comixininos’ website. They’re metal, which I’m not a fan of, but I loved how they looked and the price was great.

    I’m really happy with the blue one who I have named Franken Berry. The other is Grumm.


    These are the same Ghouls from my Cryptkickers team. Necromantic teams only get 2 Ghouls, so I figured I’d use the two I had converted/sculpted instead of the stock ones to fit in with the converted/sculpted/non-stock vibe I’ve got going.


    The 4 stock Zombies are also the same as before, however, they have an additional Zombie buddy who will be obvious – another WizKids purchase.

    I painted it previously and never needed it until now. It’s kind of derpy. Actually, it’s very derpy.

    Painting Thoughts

    Seeing as most of this is the same as before, there’s not a ton to say that I didn’t on my Cryptkickers showcase.

    However, I am very happy with my new additions. I had a lot of fun trying to improve my sculpting skills on the Werewolves. There was a lot I learned so I’m happy.

    I do wish the Werewolves were a bit smaller, especially the hunched over one, but they aren’t too bad.

    The Flesh Golem sculpts are awesome. I’m not normally a fan of the Frankenstein look but these folks pulled it off in a way that’s not lame.

    Grum (green one) came out a bit derpy in the face. However, I liked the look and left it. He just looks like a big, dumb monster, which he is.

    Franken Berry (blue one) I went with a more serious look. I loved the pose and wanted him to be menacing, which I think I pulled off.

    The slimmer, finesse style models though are just horrendous to work with. Too hard to clean mold lines, and details are too shallow or simply poorly formed.

    I tried putting paint on it and could quickly see it wasn’t going to work out. Instead of pushing through, frustrating myself, and not liking the end result anyway, I figured I’d shelve it. I’ve been painting long enough to recognize a lost cause.

    So, the search begins again for a coach for my Undead/Necromantic team!

    Anyway, I’m really happy with the team and I can’t wait to get in some league games with them.

    Sealer/Varnish Pro Tip

    Some may recall me complaining about a slight sheen on my Mollog’s Mob miniatures despite using Testors Dullcote, a famously flat sealer. A few people suggested hitting the miniatures with Lahmian Medium prior to sealing.

    Well, I did just that on the Flesh Golems and Werewolves and they came out dead flat – perfect. The things that prove problematic with giving a sheen, namely washes, are just as flat as other areas.

    So, thanks for the suggestion folks!

    Those of you in the same boat I was, just do a light brush coat of Lahmian Medium over the finished model prior to sealing/varnishing and you’ll be good to go.

    Oh, I also have a coach for the team that I’ve since sculpted and painted if you wanted to check that out.

    Blood Bowl Stuff


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    Rory - Stepping Between Games

    Fantastic work. I love that you can’t tell which bits were sculpted and which were not. Great work.

    5 years ago

    Looking great! I can see how it would be better if the Werewoofs were a bit smaller, but they still look fantastic. The armour on the one on the left sort of reminds me of the current Tyranid Tyrant Guards*.

    Frankenberry FTW! Grumm does look kind of doofy, but yeah, it works for him.

    I’m not entirely sure why, but I do feel strongly that BB Wights should have capes, so I like that you did those for them.

    Glad to hear the medium suggestion worked out!

    *Not unreasonably, since the Tyrant Guard chitin plates are reminiscent of football pads in the first place.

    J. D. Brink
    4 years ago

    I am supified by your sculpting skills, Thor! And then the paint goes on! Amazing work.