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Blood Bowl Ogre Team Painting Showcase (Converted)

    As luck would have it, I converted my Ogre team for Blood Bowl and then Games Workshop announced a new Ogre team. Still, I put a lot of work into converting this team, and while the new team from GW looks great, I prefer mine because of that effort I put into it.

    My team is now all painted so it’s time to show it off. If you want to see the conversions, before I painted the team, you can check that out.

    Blood Bowl Ogre Team (Da Pink Bunnies)

    First things first, for those who haven’t been following along on social media, yes, the team is pink. I thought it would be fun to just do the team silly – so, pink and a bunny logo.

    The coach, who you will see below, is in fact a pink bunny. The Ogres think the bunny is their coach and they carry her to every game. Ogres, not being bright, think the bunny is coaching them and teaching them when the reality is the bunny is just a bunny – albeit very large.

    Here we go :)

    Honey Bunny – Ogre #1

    Happy Bunny – Ogre #2

    Sleepy Bunny – Ogre #3

    Bouncy Bunny – Ogre #4

    Lovey Bunny – Ogre #5

    Baby Bunny – Ogre #6



    Painting Thoughts

    Overall I’m very happy with how everything came out. We can never be completely happy with our work, can we though?


    I picked the Runts up from Black Scorpion Miniatures. The price was pretty reasonable but I’ll admit the quality isn’t great. These are resin and I feel like they need a new mold for these. There’s just some details that are lost, missing, or just strange.

    So, when I painted these I kept it simple. Most of these were just done with washes, barring the armor and NMM stuff. I couldn’t see putting in a ton of effort on models that just weren’t suited for it.

    They are nice little models, and ultimately they came out decent, but they could be better.


    As you could see, the bunny “coach” is large, which is perfect for Ogres. It’s what gave me this whole idea to begin with – that model.

    My wife picked the bunny up at a yard sale or something. For years she would hide it in my gaming bags. I would be unpacking Chaos Marines and there would be a bunny in the tray. The bunny would get moved around constantly and I’d find it in different places.

    So, it just made sense to finally put that bunny to use and coach the Ogre team.


    As usual, which I love doing, every Ogre is unique. The skin technique on each Ogre is different and some were hits and some were misses. I struggle with getting the contrast I know I need at times. Skin should be more subtle than say NMM, but there should still be some clear definition. I know this, I can see it, but I’m always afraid to keep pushing the contrast on skin.

    Still, I wasn’t going to redo the few I wasn’t completely happy with. As I always say, it’s better to acknowledge your mistakes and move on than endless try to improve something.

    Speaking of NMM, I’m really pleased with my work there. Not every piece of NMM is perfect, but I can still a huge improvement in my work with NMM compared to a year ago, or even a few months ago.

    I’ve become a huge fan of NMM. I cover it in my NMM tutorial, but the beauty of NMM is every shadow and highlight is exactly where you place it, not a reflection of light. Simply put – you have full control and I enjoy that.

    NMM Made Easy

    The armor in general I’m very happy with. It took me a bit to work out the pink recipe I used but it was worth it. I did some scratches and battle damage, which you have to do with Ogres, that kind of grounds the pink a bit – hard to explain my thought there.

    Lastly, I liked how the tattoos came out. I’ve done tattoos a bit in the past but was never 100% happy with them. This time I mixed some of the flesh color into black and that’s what I used. That not only let me use black to shade them, it just looks more realistic.

    I also did my glazing and washing over the tattoos to help pull in the skin tones more. See, about the only time a tattoo is dead black, if you have black in the work, is when it’s fresh. Tats that are years old will fade a bit, some a lot depending on sun exposure, and your skin tone will show through.

    The other thing I did was kind of sketch the tats and I didn’t aim to completely fill them in. This also lends to the idea that they are fading, but also that they weren’t perfect to begin with. I can’t see Ogres being vain over having a perfect tattoo. I see it being a more rushed type of thing.


    I’m very happy with how the team came out. This took me a good while to convert and get painted, but well worth the time and effort.

    I can’t express how happy I am to finally have an Ogre team. I’ve talked about doing one for years now and I’ve finally done it.

    The team will be playing in the next season of Blood Bowl at my FLGS. I don’t expect much out of them in terms of wins, but it’s a fun team regardless and I’ve played enough seasons competitively at this point.

    Blood Bowl Stuff


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    4 years ago

    I love ’em! Appearance, theme, the whole 9 yards! I’ve been thinking for a while that you almost never see pink done well in gaming stuff, and have been planning on doing my Thundrik’s Profiteers with pink as the main colour. Great to see someone else doing it really nicely as well.

    And then the bunny as Coach is just the perfect extra little touch. One of those things that should seem batshit insane, but somehow actually makes perfect sense. Really all coming together there to make what should be a very fun and memorable team.

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Yeah, I figured the recipe was something like that. And yeah, the coach is like The Dude’s rug. Totally ties the whole thing together :)

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Such a great flick. One of the very few movies I actually own.

    Rory - Stepping Between Games

    Great work on the Ogres there and I agree that any project you put the time in can be worth more than the pre-packaged versions.

    With these I really love the NMM effects you had going and the tattoos.