Alpha Legion Army Showcase

Alpha Legion Army Showcase

Hello again.

Android here with the first of my new army progress updates. After stagnating with my painting over the last couple of months, I’m going to start sharing my progress to gain some motivation and tips!

So, below is my Alpha legion army where I’ve “completed” a little over 4000 points worth of models. Speech marks because I still need to do one or two minor things.

Tidying Up

So, as aforementioned, the couple of small things I need to do to what you see here is: firstly,

  • Add OSL to my plasma squad, and my knight’s lance, as you can see the orange hand painted plasma didn’t come out to great, so I just need to go in there with my new airbrush and paint over it. I’m thinking green what do you think?
  • I need to then add a few decals to my vindicator and the Cataphractii.
  • Finally, and most obviously, I need to get that beautiful shield painted up and stuck to the Lancer. My close friend Shane did the sculpting on it, and I think we can all agree it’s pretty stunning. I’m very happy with it!

Other than those couple of little irritations, so far so good. Usually I’m not a fan of incomplete army showcases, but I think it was justified here because I’m wanting a bit of feedback before I decide to add the finishing touches.

What’s Next

So, next up is a bucket load of infantry, 10 tattaros termies followed by another 10 tactical marines, 20 assault marines, and a further two apothecaries.

My vision for the finished force is to have three 20 man squads of compulsory troops, so I can field the coils of the hydra rite of war, and fulfill my OCD of having fully sized squads! Beyond that target I naturally need to add Alpharius, Exodus and Skorr. The former two not having models yet before. Finally, I add a (presumptive) plastic thunderhawk! So yeah, I’m really hedging my bets with that last one, but I stand by my previous prediction. Let’s just hope I don’t have to eat my words!

Finally, I’d love to know what you’ve been working on, or if you have any feedback for me, or would like to discuss any other business?

Laters traitors!


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Looking good, and that’s a fair bit of painting you’ve done.

That Knight’s shield is cool, but it seems rather big?

The pink you’re using is a great color choice, but I think it just needs a bit more blending. Right now it’s pink, instead of a pink tint over another color. Know what I mean?


I think the Shield looks big because its been sculpted solid. The Lancer normally had a huge shield, but it looks smaller because it’s just a frame around the generator. Making it a full sculpted surface makes it look huge.




Did you sculpt over the Lancer’s normal shield?


Looking well, but vehicles on bases?


I overlooked that the first time. It is different, but I kind of like the idea.