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Chaos Predator Painting Showcase

This was a project in the works for a year or more. I bought the Chaos Predator used, and it then sat on a shelf. The release of 8th edition has given me back some of the hobby motivation that fled me in 7th, so I set to getting the Predator repaired and painted.

Chaos Predator Gallery


I’m really happy with how the Predator came out. The repair work was tedious. It’s fun renovating a model for a while, but it eventually reaches a breaking point. There’s some imperfections that aren’t hard to spot, but it’s all stuff I can live with.

I decided to do some light weathering and damage on the vehicle. So far, barring my Knight, all my models have been showroom painted, as in no damage or weathering. I feel like it’s time to change that, to get my models a little gritty, and that’s starting with this Predator.

I won’t be doing any elaborate weathering, like Greggles does with his Orks. Also, I won’t be hand painting chips and highlighting everyone of them, but instead the simple weathering like you see here. The other techniques are awesome (I love Greggles’ techniques), but there has to be compromises on account of time. At this point getting good quality models on the table is the goal, not spending 20 hours painting one tank.

Anyway, for as simple as a metallic sponging technique is, with a few scratches thrown in, I’m happy with the result.

The other thing I did with this model, that I haven’t done on a previous vehicle, is adding the snow. I do snow basing on my infantry/based models, but vehicles have no bases. So, I figured getting some snow on it in a realistic manner would tie it in with my other models.

Oh, I went a bit heavier on the gun barrel heating than I intended. That being said, I like it a lot more with it bold like that. Normally it’s a more subtle effect I go for, but I like this.

Next Up

I will very likely be painting the Land Raider next. The conversion work is done, and painting this Predator was a warm-up for it. I wanted to experiment a bit before tackling the Land Raider. I did figure out some stuff while working on the Predator, so I may as well jump to the main event.

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Chaos Predator Painting Showcase
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