Chaos Spawn Showcase

Chaos Spawn Painting Showcase

I’ve been on a bit of a tear since wrapping up my Herald of Khorne. Life is still fluctuating these days but my painting motivation has finally returned so I’m making damn good use of it lately.

Chaos Spawn quickly became one of my favorite units with the 7th edition Chaos codex. I started off by buying the WHFB Vargheists kit, which comes with three models who I thought fit the part. I later bought two blisters of the old Chaos Trolls models for really cheap to get the unit to five models, full size. However, I’ve been wanting to get more of the Vargheists to replace the two Chaos Trolls in the unit so they’re all the Vargheists model. A few months ago I managed to buy the kit and this week I finally got around to painting them up.

Chaos Spawn

Painting Thoughts

I was in an artistic mood the day I did these. I got the models entirely painted in one day, which is amazing for me lately. It took me a few days to base afterwards. Anyway, I wanted to experiment so I primed these black and then grey and white but sprayed for zenith lighting, basically what one would do with an airbrush. The first model, the yellow one, I was too far away and got some texture so the second model I got closer with the spraying. I didn’t mind the texture though, figured he just won’t have baby smooth skin, not that a Spawn would anyway.

After the priming I painted these guys entirely with washes and glazes. I find organic models like this are perfect for that sort of approach and I had not done it previously, so what the hell? It allowed me to get a more realistic lighting on them without the work of layering or blending. That’s why they have such a muted look, which I think works on these guys.

If you’re wondering, yes, that’s a bullet wound on the ass of the yellow one. My washing looked like hell on that butt cheek, I wasn’t paying attention I guess when I was doing it. I tried to fix it by blending the colors and it looked OK but was still bothering me as it stood out. That’s the problem with doing a model in all washes and glazes, it’s damn hard to fix mistakes after the fact. I decided I’d cover up the problem by putting a gun shot wound there and adding some blood. I know it’s an odd spot for a gunshot wound but I think the technique itself worked out pretty well and I can see doing it on other models, though likely not their ass ;)

Overall I’m happy with how these guys came out. It’s not my usual approach and it’s not award winning but I had fun painting them, they fit with the unit and I learned some stuff so I’m going to call it a success.


I have since rebased the original 3 Spawn and taken some better shots of the unit. Check out the Chaos Spawn showcase.

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Chaos Spawn Painting Showcase
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I am liking these. I found three old rate ogres, the original metal ones, that I am going to turn into Chaos Spawn. At least that is the plan with them…

Joe Baird

They look great Thor. I’ve been wanting to try just washes since watching Greg’s video. The wound was a great way to cover up the mistake.


These guys look awesome Thor! Never thought of using that kit for them…looks a heck of a lot better then the ridiculously expensive one GW sells! I love love the painting with washes. So much fun!

Nils Holmbergh

Very nice use of that kit, much better then the normal spawns.


Nice work! How big are they? I’m looking for some cheaper base model to do spawn from.


Really nice Thor. I like the contrasting tones on the two of them, one cold one hot. Works very well :)


Its nice to see you showcase both the centerpiece models like your lords and these quick and dirty (by your standards) models as well. They come out looking so great for what on your schedule seems to be a very fast turn around. I know I keep trying to balance my painting between all in models and some quick and done to keep burn out from forming up. To much grunt work and you loose the pride to much top notch and you loose steam.

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