Chaos Spawn Painting Showcase

Chaos Spawn Painting Showcase – The Unbound

A few months ago I redid the basing on my Chaos Spawn unit. The unit was a collection of different snow basing techniques that I had tried out over the years. I thought it was time to unify the unit. I figured since the unit was finally unified, why not get some shots using the better setup I now have for pictures?

Chaos Spawn Gallery


This unit is known asĀ The Unbound. In my army’s fluff they were once fellow Space Marines. However, a genetic flaw in their gene-seed, once exposed to the warp, caused their mutation into what you see. Either that or it’s the Chaos Gods having fun; one can never be sure!

In game terms, they have served mostly as a bodyguard for Soulgore, one of my Chaos Lords who primarily rides his Juggernaut. While they are mutated, and mostly insane, they have retained some sense of who they once were, and remain loyal to the warband.

Painting & Modeling

The models I used as the Crypt Flayers, formerly known as Vargheists. While I do like the actual Chaos Spawn models, for just a few more dollars you get an extra model with Crypt Flayers. I also think these guys fit the role and look cool as well.

It was years ago that I painted the unit. The first three I painted were the purple, green, and black ones. Those were painted pretty simply with a base coat and heavy washes – nothing fancy. The last two I did, the yellow/gold, and blue/purple ones, I did with zenith priming, and then washes and glazes. It’s a technique I found very liberating to do, and one I plan to use again in the future on organic models like this.

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Chaos Spawn Painting Showcase – The Unbound
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