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Khorne Berzerker Painting Showcase for Chaos Marines

    To break up the fun of cleaning off mold lines on countless models, I painted up a Khorne Berzerker.

    You’ll have to pardon the lack of lighting. It’s an overcast day and I didn’t feel much like setting up something to get better lighting, I’m lazy :)

    Berzerker Gallery

    Update: While I still need to get a finished shot of the entire unit, I do also have a painting showcase for the Skull Champion.

    Painting Thoughts

    So the goal with the model was to paint up something that was clean but still gritty and dark.

    I’m a big fan of washes and often rely on them and I made use of them on this model, which is obvious, but didn’t wash everything as I often do. I just worked it in selectively.

    By selectively I mean only where needed, not minimal use. I like strong shading so I washed/lined all the red to get that dark feel I wanted while keeping the blood red.

    That saved me from having to go back in after the wash and layer in the brighter red again, which is a chore of a color to paint. It definitely took some patience and practice but saved me time in the end.

    All in all I’m happy with how he came out. It’s pretty simple but I wasn’t aiming for anything too complicated either. Just a good tabletop standard.


    One test model down. I do have to get the rest of the unit painted at some point but I haven’t really been in a rush either.


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    12 years ago

    Dude, nice!  I especially like the face – that’s probably my weakest part of painting, and you did a great job on it.  Any chance we can get a tutorial on how you paint them?  :)

    12 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    It’s a good look, and it sounds like relatively few steps to achieve.  

    12 years ago

    Nice work. Smooth, yet still menacing.
    Thank you for not going with the stereotypical “splattered in gore” look some folks give their Zerks.
    Only thing that I’m not a huge fan of is that off-white flock on the base. Looks too much like a dead teddy bear.

    Dave Garbe
    Dave Garbe
    12 years ago

    That looks fantastic. Love the contrast and colours!