Forgefiend & Maulerfiend Painting Showcase

Maulerfiend and Forgefiend Painting Showcase

I had completed the Maulerfiend a few months ago now but finally got around to getting the Forgefiend parts painted. Now that both versions are done, I figured I’d get some shots.

Oh, the Maulerfiend/Forgefiend is magnetized if you’re curious.

You’ll have to pardon the flash. I couldn’t get lighting to work at all and the model is too big for my small light box. Still, the shots aren’t terrible.




Painting Thoughts

I’m glad to be done with this model. Like the Heldrake, it’s a model I like the look of but proved to be a chore to paint. If I ever decide to run a second one, Maulerfiend or Forgefiend, I think I may opt to create something instead of using the actual model.

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Maulerfiend and Forgefiend Painting Showcase
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