Homemade Maelstrom of War Objective Markers

I’ve really been enjoying the Maelstrom of War missions, and have been meaning to make some objective markers for the missions. So far I have used the objectives I have, turning them over, and writing numbers on it with a dry-erase marker. It works but isn’t ideal.

Well, I finally got around to making six objective markers for the Maelstrom missions.

Maelstrom of War Objective Markers

I used wooden discs that I got from Jo-Ann Fabrics (craft store), and just painted them up as you see. My goal was to create something cool, easy to spot while playing (since you are routinely trying to find objective #X), but also not take a ton of time to create. I know these will get a bit abused over time, so there wasn’t much sense to put forward my best work. Still, I didn’t just paint plain numbers on there and call it good either, I found a happy medium I think.

Have you created any objective markers for the Maelstrom of War missions?

  • Nice! They should be easy to see on the tabletop. I had some old random objective markers I had started painting up…Till I realized they only went up to 4. Oops. I’ve thought about getting some scatter terrain from the infinity guys and painting numbers on the box tops.

    • Thanks.

      I thought about doing something more elaborate, like you mentioned with terrain, but I need to carry these with me in my tray where I keep dice and other related gaming materials.

  • MenziesTank

    Yeah they’re really easy to make, check out the ones I did: http://cadian512.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/easy-to-make-maelstrom-of-war-numbered.html

    • Nicely done. Another set of simple but effective markers. I like it!

  • Very nice. Simple, highly visual, and effective!

    • Thanks. Some day maybe I’ll get around to something with a bit more to it. Like the ones Willy has made over the years. They aren’t raised a lot, just enough to give depth and texture.

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