Leman Russ Painted

Scratch Built Leman Russ #1 Painted

It has been a long process from start to finish, but I have finally painted my first scratch built Leman Russ.  Well, I’ve painted everything but the hull and sponson weapons.  The first picture in this series was taken without the flash.  The preview on the camera looked too dark so I used the flash for the rest of the pictures but when I put them on my computer I saw that the one without flash was my favorite.  I’ll have to keep that in mind next time…

Leman Russ Gallery

Leman Russ #1

As I said, the first picture was taken without flash.  The colors on this one are much more true than the following pictures which were taken with the flash on.


That’s what I have for now.  For this week I will finish the weapons then move on to the second russ.  Thanks for looking!

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Scratch Built Leman Russ #1 Painted
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