Assassinorum Execution Force Product Review

I am sure most of you have heard of GW’s latest limited edition game set, Assassinorum Execution Force.  My first thought was “that looks cool, but I don’t really need more assassin models.”  Then I read the description and realized that it’s a 1-4 player cooperative game.  With that in mind I thought it could be a fun game to play with my kids.  Cooperative means I can walk them through it until they get a hang of the rules without feeling like I’m just faking a game to keep them busy.  So I picked up a copy at the FLGS and figured I would give you all a peek at what’s inside.

Assassinorum Execution Force

The cover of Assassinorum Execution Force has some nice artwork on it, just like the other more recent boxed sets from GW.

Assassinorum Execution Force

What’s Inside Assassinorum Execution Force?

It is a GW set, so we would expect a small mountain of plastic inside, and we find one!

There are two factions included in Assassinorum Execution Force.  The Chaos Terminator Lord, 3 Chaos Marines, and 15 Cultists are all available separately.  The more interesting models are the four assassin models that are exclusive to the box.  I haven’t assembled mine, but they are nicely detailed.  GW has some nice 360 views on their website if you want a good look.

Each of these is supplied with a 32mm base.  The chaos models total about $65, and the equivalent assassin models total about $62 so on strict model value the box is worth the $125 cost.  Of course, it will take a while to properly assemble and paint all of these, so I’ll be using proxy models in the meantime!


Under the models and dice there’s a decent set of game pieces.  There are two sheets of room cards and markers.  These are printed on both sides of some thick card so they’ll be pretty sturdy.

The hexagonal markers are wound counters with one wound on one side and two wounds on the other.  These would be a nice addition to the 40k starter box!  There is also a deck of event cards and four map tiles.

Execution Force (3)

As you can see here, the map tiles are very thick!  The edges are unfinished though so they may start to peel if you beat them up.



I have only managed one game so far with Assassinorum Execution Force, but the rules seem pretty solid.  My 8 and 10 year old daughters were able to pick up the basics quickly enough.

Basically, each assassin is allowed two actions per turn, chosen from a list of available actions.  Each has specific abilities and some special tactics that can only be used a certain number of times per game.  The cultists and marines show up according to event cards that are drawn each turn and once on the board they follow semi random patrol routes until then discover an assassin.

There are 12 rooms that start as unknown and are drawn at random as they are explored.  The assassins need to find the transporter room and the control room in order to teleport into the ritual chamber and kill the Sorcerer before he can finish his ritual.

The Assassinorum Execution Force game we played was fun and I think it will stay interesting for a while.  The basic rules are easy to remember and each model has a reference card showing their particular capabilities.  As I said, my daughters and I were able to pick it up pretty quickly.  It’s simple but with enough tactical considerations to keep you thinking.

The instruction manual includes a page of game modifiers and challenges to keep things fresh.  I am sure that a crafty gamer would have no problem coming up with their own modifications as well.


Overall I am glad I bought this game. Assassinorum Execution Force is a great 40k themed game that is accessible enough to bring my wife and kids into.  Plus, there’s a good chance the models will be wandering off to the occasional game of 40k!

Like Space Hulk, Assassinorum Execution Force is a nice standalone game that also has some great 40k models in it.  Have any of you tried it out?

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Assassinorum Execution Force Product Review
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