Leman Russes Painted

Scratch Built Leman Russes Painted

Hello all,

I have finished painting the second of my scratch built Leman Russ Exterminators.  These have been through a lengthy journey from the initial build, to a preliminary paint job, then added sponsons and other details, and finally to being fully painted.

I do apologize for the one heavy bolter that’s leaning sideways.  It’s magnet mounted, and I didn’t notice it was askew until I uploaded the pictures.  Maybe it’s coming loose on its mountings, or maybe the grots are going gangsta with the tank equivalent of holding your gun sideways…

Leman Russ Gallery

Next I’ll work on the Devil Dog, so I can wrap up the scratch building tutorial I made while building it.

Thanks for taking the time to look through my pictures.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them!  Comments are always welcome!

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Scratch Built Leman Russes Painted
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