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J. D. Brink is a Naval officer, nurse, writer, and family man who wishes he had more time for hobbying. His dream is to one day spend all his time making up stories and painting miniatures.

Space Wolf Scout

HUNTED: Space Wolf WH40K Fanfiction (Part 2 of 5)

    In Part 1 (click to read) we find Volstag Dragonclaw, Space Wolf Scout, with no armor or weapons, up in the boughs of a tree with no memory of how he got there.  He does remember being betrayed by the planet’s PDF and he remembers being tortured by a Night Lords apothecary.  As these memories are coming back to him, a patrol of traitorous PDF troopers comes by, whom he has just dispatched…Read More »HUNTED: Space Wolf WH40K Fanfiction (Part 2 of 5)