Devil Dog

Scratch Built Devil Dog Painted

I have finished painting my Rebel Grots Devil Dog.  This is the same tank I used for my tutorial series on scratch building tanks. So, you can see it from start to finish by reading through the other posts in the series.

For those of you who already read through the series, you can finally see the finished product!

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Devil Dog Painting Gallery


When I painted the sponson weapons for my Leman Russ Exterminators, I decided to go with brass muzzle shrouds on the multi-meltas to set them apart from the rest of the vehicle without going for too loud a color.  I like how they came out. So, I decided to do the same with the multi-melta and melta cannon on this Devil Dog.

I also decided to do the feed pipes in copper, again to break things up a little.  Both the brass and copper parts received a healthy treatment of Nihilakh Oxide to show that they aren’t cleaned too often.

I painted the rubber shroud on the multi-melta with a darker green to differentiate it from the painted steel around it.

This tank was a lot of work to build. Now that it’s finished, I feel like it was worth the effort.

As I paint up the tanks I am very pleased with how my Rebel Grots army is coming together.  I have been working towards a 1500 point list.  I have two chimeras, and three sentinels left to paint. Then I’ll switch to infantry mode to finish the Conscripts, Priest, and psykers.

One more tank finished.  I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures, comments and questions are always welcome!

Scratch Building Tanks

1. Gathering Supplies
2. Basic Structure
3. Turret, Armor Plates & Rivets
4. Beyond the Template
5. Tracks
6. Multi-melta & Metal Cannon
7. Finishing Touches
8. Painting
9. Devil Dog vs Chimera #1
10. Devil Dog vs Chimera #2

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That’s just awesome. The weathering is realistic and it’s just a clean smooth paint job. I really like the weathering around the track guards. This is your best one yet in my opinion.


So great. I just love these tanks. Keep it up! Your lenses and weathering…just wow!