Rebel Grot Commissar Finished

I finished painting my Rebel Grot Commissar.  I am pretty happy with how he came out.  Now my Rebel Grots have a proper Commissar, maybe a Lord Commissar or even Yarrick!  I still need to get some sealer on him then he’s ready for the table.  Here are the pics!


So there’s my Commissar conversion all painted up.  Let me know what you like or what you thing I could have done differently!


  • Great job. I like the work on the power fist since the last update. I also like how the hat pops and stands out, as it should.

    One suggestion, get a small dot of white in the corner of the bionic eye to help sell the effect.

    You’re going to have to put this guy in every list now just to show him off.

    • Thanks! You can’t have a proper Commissar without a proper hat!

      I did miss the glint on the eye. I’ll have to go back and fix that.

      I’ve been using a Commissar in most of my lists so it won’t be hard to keep him in there. Now that he’s painted though I might need to promote him to an HQ slot…

  • Excellent! I especially like the power fist and the corpse.

    • Thanks! The fist is a bit of shot at one of my more regular opponents. The corpse was actually suggested by Khorne Inquisitor of High Die 40k and I’m glad I ran with it!

  • Very, very cool! I can see him stumping around using that power fist as a crutch, ape-style.

    • Thanks! The image of him ape walking around is great, and probably accurate!

  • Great work! The only thing I’d suggest is a bit of glint in his bionic eye to make it pop a bit more. Otherwise a fantastic and lovely mini!

    • I said that already… ;)

      • Haha yes you did…sorry :(. Well, listen to thor!

        • Just don’t let it happen again ;)

    • Thanks! You and Thor are both right about the glint, I don’t know how I forgot it!

  • BenitoSenence

    Wow, he looks amazing. I enjoy these articles to see these from the start to the finished product. Motivates me to keep my projects working. Keep it up! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Thanks! I enjoy seeing others project come together from start to finish. I am glad people are enjoying mine as well.

  • Very cool. Full of character, and a great centre iece for your army :)

    • Thanks! It’s too bad I usually bury him in a blob of unpainted conscripts. I guess I’d better get to painting them so he’ll have a better frame on the battlefield!

  • Very cool, the paint job looks good and the corpse he is stepping over is a great touch

    • Thanks! The corpse is a great reminder of why he’s there!

  • Nice work. I like the dirt on the bottom of the victim’s feet.

    • Thanks! I figured that when you’re running around barefoot, your feet are going to get dirty!

  • About bloody time! That’s a great model. The rip-off-the-Imperium Ork armies always look so characterful.

    • Thanks! It is a lot of fun to combine Imperial and Ork aesthetics. As you say it’s always a great combination!

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