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Rebel Grot CCS: Commander, Vox, and Standard Painted!

    Hello all,

    This past week I managed to finish my Company Commander, Vox Caster (musician,) and Regimental Standard Bearer for my Company Command Squad.  These three represent the core of my CCS since my primary use for them is to give orders and keep the blob from running off (Regimental Standard allows re-rolls for morale and pinning.)  I still haven’t set up a decent photo spot so I apologize for the pics.  They aren’t too bad but the flash really brings out the shine.  Anyhow, here are the pics!

    December 16 2013 002December 16 2013 003December 16 2013 005  December 16 2013 004December 16 2013 006December 16 2013 009

    December 16 2013 008December 16 2013 007December 16 2013 014 December 16 2013 013 December 16 2013 012 December 16 2013 011 December 16 2013 010

    And a group shot:

    December 16 2013 001These models have so much character that they didn’t require much conversion and were very fun to paint.  I’m having my doubts about the lascannon gunner I was planning to include in this squad.  I may give him a new head before I finish painting him.

    Well that’s what I have for now, I hope you like them.  Viva la Grot!


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    10 years ago

    The reds came out really well. It’s a great looking squad.

    What does that leave you with to paint? I know you have to wrap up the tanks but most of your infantry must be done at this point?